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Augsburg Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Augsburg (Overview)

Augsburg is Bavaria’s third largest city, yet very few visitors seem to go there. I think it’s partly because in modern history it has been overlooked, however before modern times it was considered to be a great historic city. Whether it is because of the powerful bishops of Augsburg, or the famous banker family with the awesome name of the Fuggers, or the simple fact that it’s one of the oldest cities in Bavaria and at one time held much more power than the younger city of Munich, today it is rather sad that not many people get to see it. Augsburg was founded around 15 BC when the son of the Roman emperor Augustus set up a military camp on the banks of the river Lech. [more ]

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Augsburg - Top Locations

Top Rated Attractions

1. Maximilianstraße 4.0 stars
2. Perlachturm 4.0 stars
3. Fuggerei 3.0 stars
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Augsburg Augsburg The Red Gate (Rotes Tor) Maximilian strasse, Augsburg St. Anna’s church (St. Annakirche) Maximilian strasse, Augsburg
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