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Aviemore Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Aviemore vacation

Aviemore 5 stars
Aviemore in Scotland is a really pleasant place to visit. It is really a really beautiful resort and there are plenty of places to visit including the Strathspey Railway. The last time I went there was nearly ten years ago with my parents.

If you fancy staying there for a few days, then it’s no problem because there is a really good selection of hotels to be found. There are also some really lovely restaurants in this resort. There was a funfair around during the time that I was visiting and I didn’t miss out going to it. My parents and I came to Aviemore during a week’s visit to Scotland but stayed most of the time Edinburgh.


Snowboarding in Avimore 4 stars
I went up to Avimore near Inverness for a winer break as you can ski and snowboard. I opted for snowboarding as it looks easier to control and I had never done either before. There are shops in the town where you can hire equipment – don't forget goggles, I did and it was really hard to see where I was going as there was so much snow in my eyes! There are chair lifts which are way easier to use or T-Bar lifts where you have to grab the T bar and sit on it, I kept getting dragged through the snow face down and eventually someone felt sorryt for me so took me up with them! Snowboarding is so much fun and I thought I was going to hate it but you have to try it! The town of Avimore is very small with nothing much to do in the evenings but the hotels are great and there are some very good, affordable restaurants.


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