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Merzouga Travel Tips

Insider advice for your Merzouga vacation

6 days from Marrakech to Marrakech by 4x4 with Desert Dream 4x4 5 stars
Never I expected it would be so great!
I am a constant and enthusiastic traveller to the Northern Hemisphere: Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finnland are my prefered destinations. I love the North, and its beauty, I have to return again and again.
But now I have to confess: I became also an Orientalist!
Morocco, this amazing North African country, it really got me, with its wide and vast space, its desert wind and sand, with its wonderful nice inhabitants, and with this delicious tea, that made me addictive.
It´s mainly the fault of our tour operator, that I changed like this from North to South.
Younes and his team gave us an extraordinary good time, and a great insight in the culture and beauty of their country. We explored the south region of Morocco in 6 days/5 nights.
Younes, our wonderful guide showed us details about moroccan life, we would never have been able to find on our own, as newcomers to this country and traditions.
Every of our many questions was answered by him and by the people he made us aquainted with.
Our minds, and also our hearts were full with new impressions after these days of our tour.
I still love the Northern Countries, this will never change.
But from now on, I also have to return to the South – of Morocco!

Thank you, Younes and Desert Dream4x4, for this eye-opener!


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