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Satun Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Satun vacation

Satun 1 stars
There is absolutely nothing of interest in this town what so ever, its predominantly a muslim town and there really isn’t much going all during the day, or at night. However, it must be the cheapest place in Thailand, probably because no travellers go there but accommodation and internet is as cheap as chips, so its a great place to stay if you are stuck for cash I guess! There is a night food market (forget it if you are vegetarian, you got no chance!) There are a few shops selling random stuff which is of no use to anyone and a pool hall. We managed to find a bar, I think it was the only one in the town, and was actually pretty cool, obviously very quiet though. You also might be lucky enough to find a karaoke bar, oooh the excitement is killing me!


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