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Mojácar Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Mojácar vacation , Costa Blanca , Costa Cálida , Costa de Almería

Magical Mojácar 5 stars
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To visit Mojácar Pueblo is to spend some time in a most enthralling and romantic corner of Spain. The town is perched high on a hill, and when viewed from a distance, the houses look like a cluster of white washed sugar cubed buildings – good enough to eat!

One of the things that surprised me is how fit you have to be if you want to explore Mojácar. As it’s built on a steep gradient it requires a little effort to navigate the streets and courtyards. However, the effort is more than worth it.

For me the joy of Mojacar are the breathtaking views on offer of the surrounding area. I always spend some time in one of the main squares, the Plaza Neuva. It’s straddled by a huge marble terrace that hangs over the side of the mountain. I’ve never felt as peaceful as when I’ve been sitting here. I’ve spent many a happy hour sipping a cortado coffee, staring at the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea to my right and the Sierra Cabrera Mountains to my left. I could sit here for a whole day, and maybe I’ll do that soon.

I adore exploring the narrow cobbled walkways and trinket shops, and always find it easy to part with my money. There’s such a vast array of locally made arts and crafts, as well as the more typical souvenir goods that you could find in any tourist shop in most countries.

Apart from this brush with modernity, Mojacar feels to me, like a place that time forgot. As I stroll through the streets it’s easy to imagine that I’m looking at the same cobbles and houses that people were several hundred years ago.

In the summer the temperature can reach the low 40’s and I’ve found the perfect place to cool off. La Fuenta Mora (The Moorish Fountain) is at the foot of the town and apparently has been a source of water as far back as Roman times. Anyone can drink from the fresh spring water and many people fill up their empty containers. A practise which has been going on for centuries. If you can understand the Spanish language you’ll be able to read a history of the town, which is written on the fountain’s walls

Dining out in the evening is a very special treat as the place takes on a magical air. I’ve eaten in all of the terrace restaurants, which are illuminated by candlelight as the setting sun fills the air with a reddish glow.

In all the times I’ve been going to Mojácar, it never fails to charm, captivate and delight me. ,


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