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Mönchengladbach Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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In search of the football field

While Düsseldorf was my base town for a few days, I made day trips to a few cities around and since the German railway system is so efficient, it was just so easy to get around. One person I was traveling with was a huge football fan and so Mönchengladbach got on or list. It turned out to be like any average German city, though we ended up on a street with shops offering cheap sale discounts. Only spent a few hours there in which we strolled about and found architecturous buildings and green lawns with modern sculpture to loll about in. We never did find the football stadium. [more ]


Moenchengladbach is a big industrial city in western Westphalia. It has wide... [more ]

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Mönchengladbach Mönchengladbach
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