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Mont-Joli Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your Mont-Joli vacation

I Can't Believe It's The First of August 4 stars
Sunday broke, bright sunny and slightly on the warm side. Enjoying my seclusion I slept until the sun was up and returned to the highway. This took me back away from Mont Joli and on towards Matane a town of some size with several boat connections across the water (St. Lawrence). As it was Sunday I stopped at every little park I could with the first being at the Riviere-des-Metis. This was a very nice park with hiking trails, a nature center and platforms for camping. After sitting for a while at the table and trying to catch up with journaling, I took a walk towards the water, which was calm and blue. From the park I continued east on a bright Sunday morning that yielded little wind.

Next stop was Meti Beach a quiet town that once housed a small number of grand hotels. Placards along the side of the road commemorated the old wooden structures, detailing an aspect of local history that was now in the past. However, the present situation revealed a cluster of very fine one-family homes with some possibly being used as beach houses.
The next little town yielded a more somber history that struck a very different chord. It (insert name of town) also had several wooden plates of text and photos on display, but the story being told concerned the presence of U-boats in the Saint Lawrence during the first few years of the war. It seems that blackouts were in effect every night for a sustained period of the war. Although no U-boats were ever sighted this far from the open sea, the threat was real and required a concerted effort and many sacrifices by all those that lived near the water. However, U-boats attacks occurred frequently along the coastal waters of eastern Canada, including a sinking of several ships, including a ferry.
From this point on I started to encounter those giant wind generators. Obviously this part of Eastern Quebec is quite windy and some entrepreneurs have invested something in the future of wind-generated electricity.

That night I found my way up a dirt road and camped very near a field of generators.


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