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Munich Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Munich vacation , Oberbayern

Munich and its winter weather.. 1 stars
Although the winter here in Munich isnt that cold anymore as it used to be 10 - 20 years ago, this year the sun has its difficulty to get through those grey and triste winter clouds on the sky. Its a pain not having a single glance of sun all day long. Its best perhaps to get busy with work and not to think about it too much. :)

- Tom


Pefect day out 5 stars
If you are tired of going to restaurants buying a disposable barbeque and making your own dinner is a hot tip. There are several spots in Munich where making a barbeque is not allowed but here is a list of the places where it is:

A hot tips is to get of the U-Bahn at Talkirchen near the Zoo and walk to the Isar where you can find yourself a spot along the river. Bring plenty of food, a keg of beer and the rest will solve itself.


Trainticket for all of Bavaria 5 stars
If you are interested in travelling around Bavaria then buy the Bayernticket. It is valid for up to 5 people for 24 hours and lets you travel with any transportation all over Bavaria for 25 euros. Its an amazing offer if you are a group and going on daytrips. During my 6 months in Munich I used to a lot!


Sinbad the sailor
Munich - first impressions and its many gardens 5 stars
The first time I was in Munich the abundance of gardens and green everywhere was what marked me mostly. Surely Munich is about having the Alps as a background silhouette, beer and the crazy Oktoberfest.

But what places Munich among the cities with best quality of life are certainly its many city gardens and parks, which often have also a biergarten. From Olympia Park, to the English Gardens, West Park, Nymphenburg, etc. – it is amazing!

Then Munich also offers a great diversity of museums and historical buildings, which together with an interesting night and academic life cook it all together into a great place to visit and live.


Which part? 1 stars
Hello Cosmoworld.

I am planning to be in Munich soon for relocation and to look for work. Which part of it do you suggest that is best to settle and find a place to stay?

When I ask the word "best" means have good access to transportation, shops, and also a little quiet place.

I do appreciate your help and suggestions. Thank you.



Hotels around the main train station 4 stars
I am writing this with the intention to save travelers a lot of money. If you are traveling to Munich then and you want to save some money on where you stay then you should try to get a two or three star hotel that is near to the train station. The first reason is because most likely you will be one fifth of what you would in the Karlsplatz or the Marienplatz. The second reason is that if you are traveling to Munich by train then you are very close to the train station. Another point to remember is that just because you can’t find the price you want online doesn’t mean that there aren’t any hotels available, it just means that most likely those hotels haven’t registered with an online courier(I think, don’t quote me.)


Fresh cheap chicken restaurant 5 stars
-Okay, I am sorry that I could not remember the name of this restaurant; however, I do know that it is right across the street from the main central station. There is a big lion statue outside of the hotel that is right in the general vicinity of the restaurant, or on the same block. When you are looking at the lion statue from the train station, then the restaurant is about two or three shops down. Anyways, the reason that I am recommending this is because the prices there are super cheap and they have fresh roasted chicken that is like the best chicken I have ever ate. Also, compared to the rest of Munich, the prices for beer there are also really awesome.


Kings and Queens, Munich 4 stars
Kings and Queens is a nice laid back pub near Goetheplatz. The music policy depends on the night you visit but most of the discs spun here are always in the punk/hardcore/rock/metal mould. With reasonable prices for the city centre and a relaxed pub atmosphere and some of the most interesting people in Munich this place is well worth a watering stop over for an hour or two. The music policy, approachable DJs and a distinct lack of a television flickering in the corner is a definite plus for me, the toilets could be nicer but they serve their purpose well enough.


Backstage (night club) 4 stars
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A bit removed from the city centre but a short walk from the N17 tram stop Stuebenplatz this Munich favourite is one of the kings of the city‘s music scene. With gigs on most nights and nightclubs afterwards this place is usually jumping. With a fantastic sound system in the main hall gigs here usually sound good. When opened in it's entirety as a nightclub the place consists of two rooms playing separate music, a beer garden (with the cheapest Mass of Helles outside of Studentenstadt) and a food area. Staying open until 6am on the weekends the Reggae nights on Friday and the Indie night on Saturday are especially worth checking out .


Schwabinger 7 - Muenchener Freiheit 3 stars
With its black walls, smoky air ,dim lighting and candles at every table the inside of this place looks a bit more like a decayed 18th century pirate ship than a standard Bavarian pub. It reminds me of my local at home in so far as, it's narrow and cramped and nearly always packed. Moving around requires a lot of “pardon me”s and the ability to suck in your belly and walk sideways through the narrowest of gaps between people. This might sound horrendous to some but to me it’s the perfect alternative to the chilly beer gardens and spacey lifeless bars of Munich.

The beer is good, the staff are friendly, the punters are diverse,chatty and welcoming. Everybody seems to take the cramped and sweaty atmosphere with a smile. The music policy is leaning towards alternative rock with a bit of reggae and ska thrown in for good measure. This place is well worth a look.


Munich-the city of parades 5 stars
Munich:nicely colored lion statues and an original gay parade in the center of the city. These are the first things I remember when talking about Munich. Whenever you visit a country for the first time, you have the feeling that everything is new and different. That was exactly my feeling about Germany, when I passed through Munich. I had never seen a gay parade before and neither red haired punks having all their body pierced. I still don’t know if the impression I have is good or bad. I just think it's…special. As special as the lovely lion statues located all around the city, as a symbol of the area...


Munich Travel Guide 4 stars
Munich is one of the largest cities in Germany and one of the most prosperous. The amount of attractions will make you wanted a travel guide like a map to help you on your visit in Munich.

Starting point: Marienplatz
This is the center of the old town of Munich. Here there is largest concentration of shopping stores, malls, and beer gardens. Look for the tourist information center located in the center here for the possibility to ask any questions or to buy a travel map for 30 cents. The travel guide map is the best way to find your way to each of the attractions in Munich. Most of all the attractions are also located very close to this very spot.

Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady)
This church can be seen from most places within Munich. This attraction has two large domed towers and is located close to Marienplatz. Here you can climb to the top and get a great overview of the city. It will only cost a few Euros to do this and is definitely worth the spectacular few you’ll get from the top here.

If you are looking to experience some of the local culture, make your way to the Hofbrauhaus. This is a very large indoor and outdoor beer hall where you will find Germans dressed in traditional Bavarian clothing (think leather pants). You can order large 1 liter glasses of beer and get drink singing to traditional German songs.

This is the site of the 1972 Olympics. The entire park is open for viewing. One word of advice: Don't pay 2 euros to get into the running track area. There isn't much to see there. Rather walk around the gate and you will be able to see inside. If you pay to get in, the only benefit you'll get is the chance to sit in the bleachers. One great way to see the city of Munich is from the Tv Tower located here. Its definitely worth the entrance fee.

Nymphenburg Palace (Schloss Nymphenburg)
This is a large palace located a short distance away from the old center of Munich. The palace itself is very beautiful and worth a visit. There is a large park located behind the palace that takes hours to walk through. There are many magnificent statues located here

Getting around and seeing these Attractions
If you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing using public transportation, buy the 1- or 3-day Munich Welcome Card, allowing unlimited travel and discounts of up to 50% on selected sights. A single-person card for the inner core of Munich is 6.50€ ($7.80) for 1 day or 16€ ($19) for 3 days. For 28€ ($32), you can buy a 3-day card for the total area of Greater Munich, including the lakes of Starnbergersee and Ammersee and the Dachau concentration camp.

Use this ticket and you’ll really be able to enjoy the city. Plus you can ride all day and never think about the high price of individual tickets.


New Munich Walking Tour 5 stars
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With promises of a closing story of sex, scandal, and (of course) beer, Sandemans New Europe walking tour in Munich is guaranteed to please even the most anti-tour person. The tours hold a special place in my itinerary, mostly as they’re free, and I’ve been on every tour they offer in Europe. Their tour guides are locals, share their own personal experiences with the city, and are incredibly fun to walk around the city with (forget that you’re one of 20 people they’re taking along). Munich was great as it allows you to see the city from more angles than the Glockenspiel and Oktoberfest.

The Glock is, however, on the tour, as is the Hofbrauhause, Frauenkirche, Viktualienmarkt, the Royal Residence, the New Town Hall, the National Theater, and more tips and history tidbits, including the tradition of beer gardens and Munich musts. You’ll get to walk down Maximilianstr, Munich’s version of Fifth Avenue, and do as the Romans (or Bavarians in this case) do with a lunch of white sausages, pretzels, and a certain beverage that seems to be popular in Munchen…

The tour runs three and a half hours and covers almost all of the city that there is to see. They also offer insight on the history of Munich (a rather remarkable city given how much of it was destroyed during World War II). As with all Sandemans free walking tours, you don’t need to reserve. Just show up at the corner of Bayerstr. and
Senefelderstr. (outside the main train station) any day of the week at 10:10 a.m. Keep an eye out for your guide, who will be in a red T-shirt (and also happily accepts tips). If you’re going to be in Munich for October, this is a great way to see the city while being able to focus on the task at hand. If you’re there any other month of the year, it’s still a great starting-point and a great way to spend your morning. As one can imagine, they also host a pub crawl as well as tours out to the concentration camp Dachau.


Lovely Munich 5 stars
I visited Munich this year and was completely suprised by how active this city is.I love museums, but Munich has just too many!Remember that on Sundays you can buy 1Euro Museum passes.One of the things I most liked was the Stadt Museum, where they have displays of musical instruments and puppets from all over the world.I would recommend a walk to the river bank and a late visit to the most famous brewery, where everyone talks to everyone after a 1Liter pint.It was an unforgettable experience!


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