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Munich Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Munich , Oberbayern

Zerwirk 5.0 stars
German - #21 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
the only Vegan Restaurant in Germany; excellent Vegan Food, from Dhal dishes on to salads and vegies – a great variety of healthy food! Ledererstr. just near Marienplatz, clean, yummy and friendly staff. Afterwards one is able to visit their ... [more ]
Franziskaner 5.0 stars
German - #22 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
This traditional Bavarian restaurant is located in the heart of Munich at the end of the famous and elegant Maximilianstrasse. The Franziskaner offers a wide range of typical Bavarian food and is famous for its "Schweinebraten", a typical German ... [more ]
G Munich 5.0 stars
Mediterranean - #23 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
My girlfriend and I have always a punctuality problem with arriving on time for a our train or airplane when travelling and when we went to Munich was not the exception, since we woke up 30 minutes before the train left and we didn’t have our ... [more ]
Villa Dante 5.0 stars
Italian - #24 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
This is another very good restaurant, famous for its traditional italian food. I think this is where I had my first very well-backed pizza in Germany. This restaurant is not so cheap as the one that I wrote about before at Karlsplatz but it ... [more ]
Erdinger Weißbiergarten 5.0 stars
German - #25 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
The Erdinger Weissbiergarten is a small restauraunt with a connected biergarten that is situated under the shade of huge chestnut trees. The area is quiet and the atmosphere is very relaxing! Just what makes this beergarden to stand out is hard ... [more ]
Ruen Thai Restaurant 5.0 stars
Thai - #26 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
Located in an area of buildings from the beginning of the XX century, the Rüen Thai restaurant stays near Heimeranplatz U-Bahn station. It has a comfortable-home inviting décor, with spacious tables. The food is really delicious – from the curry ... [more ]
Ratskeller 4.0 stars
German - #27 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
Just in the heart of Munich, at the very Marienplatz itself, the Ratskeller restaurant stays just bellow Munich’s Rathaus (Municipality HQ). You can have a full mean there or just have some light snack or drinks. The ceilings are painted in ... [more ]
Prinz Myshkin 4.0 stars
German - #28 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
These people really take vegetarian food to its far extremes. I have never seen such a varied menu in my life, not even at meat-serving restaurants. It's a little overwhelming, actually, kind of like the menu at Cheesecake Factory. The food is ... [more ]
SAUSALITOS München im Tal 4.0 stars
International - #29 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
Sausalitos im Tal is one of my favourite cocktail bars in Munich. It is a fun place but usually noisy and full of people. It is in walking distance from Marienplatz and very close to Viktualienmarkt, so it is definitely easy to get to and easy to ... [more ]
Spatenhaus an der Oper 4.0 stars
German - #30 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
Very nice standard German food in downtown Munich. If you find yourself in the centre of town with some extra money and you want to try the local cuisine, you really can't do better than this for price, quality, service, and atmosphere. They ... [more ]
Koriander 4.0 stars
Vietnamese - #31 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
For some reason, with a name like "Koriander" I was expecting Indian food, but this is more like East Asian cuisine from Cambodia or Vietnam. Clearly it's very popular, as we had to wait for a table even early in the evening, although the dining ... [more ]
Die Bank 4.0 stars
#32 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
Die Bank is a bar near Sendlinger Tor. It is located in the former premises of a Hypovereinsbank branch – hence its name. I like to go there occasionally as the bar has a very comfortable feel to it and you don’t have to dress up to go there. ... [more ]
Augustiner am Dom 4.0 stars
German - #33 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
What more could you ask for? Good food good beer and good service.. but nothing that made it stand out from the rest of the German gasthauses. The location is although excellent. Only a short walk from Kaufingerstrasse that is directly connected ... [more ]
Sushibar 4.0 stars
Japanese - #34 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
This place has suhi to die for. The prices can get expensive but if you opt for one of the well chosen sushi set meals you will be able to dine at an affordable price. The Shiro menu is my favourite because it includes eel- I love the stuff! The ... [more ]
Kalami 4.0 stars
Greek - #35 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
This place is the opposite of pretentious, which of course is the mark of a good Greek restaurant. Everything is so laid-back and relaxed, it's a perfect place to go for a great Mediterranean meal. The prices are reasonable, so it's good for a ... [more ]
Bobolovsky's 4.0 stars
North American - #36 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
This is the place to go if you're looking for an American-style bar and grill sort of thing. They do everything from pizza to burgers to nachos, and it's all pretty hearty and good. The burgers aren't quite what you'd expect in the United ... [more ]
The Victorian House 3.0 stars
European - #37 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
This café made me laugh because they put all the stereotypes of an English tea house in one place, but if you've ever been to a real tea house you can spot the non-English touches here and there (they serve bagels, for instance, which would just ... [more ]
Zapata 3.0 stars
Mexican - #38 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
This restaurant is fine as long as you remember ahead of time that the European version of Mexican food isn't anything like what food in Mexico is like. So providing you're not expecting authenticity, the dishes at this place are actually quite ... [more ]
Lutter und Wegner im Künstlerhaus 3.0 stars
#39 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
This used to be the Mövenpick Restaurant and Bar and quite honestly since it changed hands they have done nothing to change the interior or atmosphere of the place. The carpets are still worn, the toilets still not spotless and the layout is ... [more ]
Mangostin 4.0 stars
Thai - #40 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
Mangostin restaurant in Munich, Thalkirchen can be thoroughly recommended. We went along last night and were very impressed. The last time we went was over 3 years ago and they have definitely improved beyond belief. The building is near the Isar ... [more ]
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