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Munich Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Munich , Oberbayern

Moccar Pompidou 3.0 stars
International - #41 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
On Saturday we headed to the new Moccar- Pompidou restaurant near Hackerbrücke. When we finally got to the street it proved a little tricky finding the place because it's currently in the middle of a huge building site. We have booked a table ... [more ]
Welser Küche 3.0 stars
German - #42 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
Welser Kuche is a medieval themed restaurant downtown Munich, located underneath the Field Marshall’s hall at Odeonsplatz. Everything is set up as a restaurant would have been in the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries. There are no utensils, save ... [more ]
Nero 4.0 stars
Italian - #43 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
I went to Nero's recently for a Birthday party. I was expecting great things and I guess that the venue is pretty snazzy, but the menu sadly disappointed. Having said this I guess I am to blame because I don't really like pizza- but then again ... [more ]
Waldheim 3.0 stars
German - #44 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
Waldheim is a beer garden located on the outskirts of Munich, more precisely near to the U6 U-Bahn stop Klinikum Grosshadern. The biergarden is one of the bigger ones and it is located within a forrest making the atmosphere just right. The beer ... [more ]
Fuyuan 1.0 stars
Chinese - #45 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
Yesterday I went there and ordered 2 dishes,but I could not believe that there were actually a black beetle and one single hair in the beef!!!! terrible!!! the waitress,assumably the boss's wife , left only a few word as if nothing had happened ... [more ]
EssNeun 2.0 stars
European - #46 of 46 Restaurants in Munich
This is one of those ultra-modern restaurants where the menu is weird for the sake of being weird. I'm usually quite a big fan of nouveau cuisine, but when ingredients are paired together seemingly just because they make an odd combination, it ... [more ]
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