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Munich Attractions

4.0 stars
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Cinema-Muenchen 4.0 stars
Cinema - #21 of 37
Cinema-Muenchen is as far as I know the only cinema in Munich that shows all of its movies in the original language. The cinema has just one theatre but it is big enough for a small cinema. The sound is good and they have really good popcorn! So ... [more ]
BMW-Museum 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #22 of 37
The BMW Museum is a major attraction in Munich. The architecture of the building itself is quite appealing – but the neighbor BMW World is just awesome!! You don’t need to be crazy by cars or mechanics to find the visit interesting. From the ... [more ]
Bavaria statue 4.0 stars
Sculpture, Monument, Statue, Memorial Place - #23 of 37
The Bavaria statue built by command of King Leopold is the most impressive statue in Munich. It is surrounded by a shrine with statues of the most prominent minds of Bavaria for the last couple of centuries. The statue itself is also a very good ... [more ]
Münchner Stadtmuseum 3.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #24 of 37
The Stadtmuseum is a small and friendly museum in the centre of Munich right next to the new synagogue. It provides a lot of information on the history of the city. I particularly like the two giant wooden models of the city, one at a very early ... [more ]
The Alpes 5.0 stars
Mountain - #25 of 37
take a train to Kochel am See (about 10 Euros one way per Person – 1h ride) Then take a bus to bus stop…. from there you can hike up the „Alm" in about 2,5 hrs and further on to Herzogstand – another 30 minutes. Great views on the one side to ... [more ]
Maria Einsiedel Public Swimming Pool 5.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #26 of 37
beautiful swimmingpools with a natural river to swim in, not far away from the city centre. By tube about 15 minutes. One can jump into the river and float down the river for about a kilometre. Young and old people, very close to the river Isar ... [more ]
Nordbad 5.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #27 of 37
This is my favourite swimming pool after the Thermabad in Iznang. Paying 3,20 EUR, you can stay in the pool for 3 hours. They don’t have only a very clean and big swimming pool, but also a steam bath, a Jacuzzi and another outdoor pool also ... [more ]
Amerika Haus 5.0 stars
Opera, Theatre, Concert Hall - #28 of 37
The America House in Munich promotes cultural and academic relations between Germany and the South and North America continents. I went there to see a theatre play, but quite often music concerts and talks about space exploration or politics take ... [more ]
Language School Sprachschule Aktiv 5.0 stars
Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site - #29 of 37
If you intend to visit Munich and learn German at the same time, I strongly recommend the Language School Sprachschule Aktiv München. I attended an two-week intensive course in German in Sprachschule Aktiv and I received a very warm welcome. The ... [more ]
Frühlingsfest 5.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #30 of 37
Frühlingsfest is as far as I know Oktoberfest in April only a lot smaller. But the atmosphere is there! And so is the beer! For those of you that don't know what Oktoberfest is it is the largest beer drinking party in the world complete with ... [more ]
Tandem Language School 4.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #31 of 37
One of my best tips for travelling would be to learn languages. If you are planning a longer vacation in Germany or just in Munich then I would really recommend taking a week or more in a language school to atleast get a feel for the language and ... [more ]
Mikes Bike Tours 4.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #32 of 37
When going to Munich I would recommend taking Mike’s Bike Tours. I have talked Mike in person when I was applying for a position there and he is a really great guy. If you want to stay in Munich for awhile, you might want to consider applying ... [more ]
St. Rupert Church 4.0 stars
Church, Cathedral, Chapel - #33 of 37
Located in Gollierplatz, Saint Rupert’s Catholic Church was built in 1901-1903 by the famous architect Gabriel von Seidl in neo-Romanesque style. It is a big reddish bricks church from the outside, with some Byzantium characteristics in its ... [more ]
Pasinger Fabrik 4.0 stars
Opera, Theatre, Concert Hall - #34 of 37
The Pasinger Fabrik is a cultural centre in the west part of Munich. It is a multifunctional space, with theatre, music, art exhibitions and even small opera related events. There is also a restaurant and a nice bar with great wall paintings – so ... [more ]
Brewerytour 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #35 of 37
If you really want to get dirty and get some real information about how the famous beer in Munich is brewed then i really recommend a brewerytour. The only place I know that arranges there tours to my knowledge is the Paulaner brewery. The tour ... [more ]
Tollwood 4.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #36 of 37
The Tollwood festival has been happening since 1988. It is a gathering of alternative music, art and food in the Olympiapark in Munich. The festival lasts for 25 days and it is a joy to walk around in the quirky built shops and stalls to look at ... [more ]
Jewish Museum Munich 2.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #37 of 37
It was not that impressive as the one in Berlin, but still it is a very informative and interesting museum about Jewish people throughout many years. The museum itself has a long history from 1928, when a group of individuals interested in Jewish ... [more ]
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