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Mỹ Tho Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Mỹ Tho vacation

Con Phung Island 3 stars
My family and I came to this island because of Dao Dua religion. We had to rent a small boat to take us to this small island. Coming to this island, we got to see the architecture in those days and a museum about this religion, dao Dua. As locals told, this island also has a local name Ong Dao Dua Island, named after a monk, who meditated on the island for three years during which time he ate nothing but coconuts. He was against the communism totally and found his own way to show his opinion to the government. He was of course imprisoned several times by the President Diem. However, there are also some rumors about his religion, too, that he demanded all female followers to stay naked on this island and that they all had to serve him as their husband and all had to share him with each other. According to this rumor he also considered his religion very righteous about everything, but I definitely am against this idea of an ideal religion staying naked the whole time and serving one man.


My Tho 5 stars
This is a very delightful town, located about two hours by bus south west of Ho Chi Minh City. My Tho is divided into two parts by a tributary of the river, from where you can take many different boat trips to various islands and floating markets within the surrounding area. This is also a good place to catch some overnight long boats to a variety of locations including Chau Doc and Long Xuyen. If you love peaceful sights, I recommend spending some time on your veranda watching the sunset and the fishing fleet unload after dark or watching life go by or on the river, cruising the day away. The thing is My Tho at night is extremely quite and if you even want to get out on the street at like 8 at night, you will probably have the streets for yourself. I do think that it is a plus point for My Tho, since I always love quite and not too busy places.


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