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Antigua and Barbuda Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Antigua and Barbuda vacation

Beaches of Antigua 5 stars
They say there are 365 beaches on Antigua - one for each day of the year. I would recommend the Caribbean side of the island, though, because every time I've been to the Atlantic side, someone in my party has been stung by a jellyfish. The Atlantic side is nice, but the Caribbean side is breathtaking. The green water, and gorgeous sandy beaches are incomparable.
My top two beaches are Crab Hill (or Turner's) Beach, and Runaway Beach. Runaway Beach is the longest stretch of beach on the island, and you can stroll past many resorts, and see loads of people. Crab Hill has a great view, and is great for a picnic. Both have tons of space, so you don't feel crowded.
Bring a towel, a suit, and tons of sunblock, because you won't ever want to leave!


Antigua - Beautiful Island, Beautiful People 5 stars
I've not been to Antigua in 13 years, but when I was there, it was gorgeous. I visited on a mission trip, helping to rebuild a church after a hurricane. Visiting in this capacity allowed me to really get to know the people, and see some sights that many people would never see. I was last there in 1994, and though I am sure it has changed some, I know the laid-back island lifestyle hasn't changed at all.
Steel drums echo throughout the island, as everyone, everywhere owns one. Grab a Ting, or an ice cold Coke and delight in the music tradition of the islands. The friendly Antiguans are glad to share a song or a story with anyone they meet.
Remember, that while here, you may be given a time for something to begin - but it might be an hour, or as much as two after that before it actually happens. Things tend to move slowly here, and if something comes up, it will be dealt with right away - which may put you on hold for a bit - but they'll be there.


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