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Napier Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Napier Rises From The Ashes

In 1931, New Zealand was still a young nation. Its population had yet to reach 2 million, and the country was still trying to assert itself on the world stage in terms of industry. But one Feburary morning that year, the country came to a complete standstill. A massive earthquake centred under the North Island town of Napier rocked the nation, killing 256 people and causing extreme devastation. New land rose out of the sea, and old land was flooded. Most of the buildings in Napier were reduced to rubble.
But you can't keep a good Kiwi down for long, and the city was rebuilt in the art deco style that was fashionable in the day. Today, these art deco buildings are an attraction the... [more ]

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1. Bluff Hill 5.0 stars
2. Marineland 5.0 stars
3. Hastings 5.0 stars
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