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Nice Attractions

3.0 stars
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Parc du Chateau 4.0 stars
Park - #1 of 9
The castle hill of Nice is a great place to have a perfect view towards the coast in both directions - to the south is the old town of Nice and its famous boulevard parralel to the coast. Also avenue Masenna can be easily recognized by the trees ... [more ]
Promenade de Anglais 4.0 stars
Quarter - #2 of 9
Boardwalks are all over the coastal United States, but in Europe, it seems as though many cities, especially in France, don't have boardwalks to rival those in Southern California. The Nicois, however, have a boardwalk to be proud of: the ... [more ]
Musée Matisse 5.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #3 of 9
This museum has a great collection of Henry Matisse’s artwork, spanning the length of his career. The museum is set in beautiful Italian gardens. The museum is spacious and very few people were there visiting when I attended. Personally I ... [more ]
Cours Saleya 5.0 stars
Shopping - #4 of 9
Whilst in Nice in September 07, one of the lushest attractions experienced was the blooming Cours Saleya Flower Market in the heart of the Old Town. The market is open from 6am-5pm every day of the week except Monday, when the antique traders ... [more ]
Old Town Market 5.0 stars
Market Place - #5 of 9
The outdoor market in Old Town is not to be missed. All the fresh delicious fruit, vegetables, breads, dried fruits and pastries. This doesn’t even include the fish, soaps, or purses sold here. The flowers are gorgeous. The artists displays were ... [more ]
Vielle Ville 5.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #6 of 9
If you are looking to see ‘old Nice’, where the real Niçoise people live, make your way to Vielle Ville which is the city’s old town. The area is a maze of narrow streets and walking through the area shows you there is more to the city than ... [more ]
Colline du Chateau 5.0 stars
Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site - #7 of 9
This is quite a large hill separating the Port of Nice from Old Town Nice. This is probably the reason the ancient Greeks selected this area when they founded the city, as it is a great strategic defense against opposing armies coming ashore, ... [more ]
Promenade Des Anglais 5.0 stars
Beach - #8 of 9
Whilst staying in Frejus, I had a drive to Nice, just to have a day on the beach and walk the Promenade Des Anglais, just because it is the famous long 6 kilometre area of lovely beach and hotels that you can often see in films or many a holiday ... [more ]
Masenna 4.0 stars
Square - #9 of 9
La Masenna square in Nice is a great semi-pedestrian square in the middle of the city of Nice, connecting the old and the new town. It looks really large and I liked that except for the tram line crossing it, it is almost fully pedestrian and you ... [more ]
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