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Niterói Vacations, Tourism and Travel

4.0 stars

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Views of Rio

Rio natives like to poke fun at their neighbours across the bay in Niteroi, saying that the best thing about the city is the view back to Rio. And although Niteroi does have its own charms, such as the Oscar-Nieyemer designed Contemporary Art Museum and some beautiful beaches, it has to be said that the views of Rio are pretty spectacular. If you take the ferry over and then walk up to the Contemporary Art Museum, you'll see some stunning vistas along the way. The walk provides an opportunity to take in the full beauty of Rio's natural landscape - from within the city itself it is of course impossible to see both Sugar Loaf and Corcavado at the same time, but from here you can see both... [more ]

Niteroi's beautiful beaches

Cariocas may sneeringly remark that the best thing about Niteroi is the view... [more ]

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Niterói - Top Locations

Top Rated Attractions

1. Museu de Arte Contemporanea 3.0 stars
2. Jardim Zoologico de Niteroi 1.0 stars
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