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Argentina Attractions

4.0 stars
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Cerro Otto 5.0 stars
There are also some adventure activities such as hiking, trekking with snow rackets and sledging in winter. I tried these last two. For the trekking with rackets you also need to rent some pieces of clothes recommended for the trek. A guide ... [more ]
San Telmo 5.0 stars
The traditional and bohemian district of Buenos Aires. Within walking distance of Buenos Aire´s most atractive and visited tourist stops, including: the Obelisk, Plaza de Mayo, Plaza Dorrego, Avenue 9 de Julio, Puerto Madero, the historic ... [more ]
Iguazu Waterfalls 5.0 stars
By visiting the Argentinian side of the Iguazu Waterfalls, you don't just see them but you experience the neverending flow of water. Unforgettable scenery pair up with a flawless touristic organization. Logistic help, choice of itinerary, ... [more ]
Quebrada de Humahuaca 4.0 stars
To visit the Quebrada de Humahuaca it was necessary to reach San Salvador de Jujuy, the capital of the province of Jujuy. You can reach the city with a 2 hour flight or on a day long bus ride from Buenos Aires. Distances are rather short and ... [more ]
Rio Grande 5.0 stars
Rio Grande is the longest river of Tierra del Fuego. It is born very close to the Magellan’s Strait margins, on Sierra Carmen Silva, on the Chilean side of Tierra del Fuego. It crosses almost all Tierra del Fuego, until it meets the Atlantic ... [more ]
Iguazu Falls 5.0 stars
On arrival at the Argentine falls you'll be greeted with the same smiling thieving bastards as on the Brazilian side, however, it is immediately obvious that Argentina got the better deal when the falls where shared out. No bus here, just a lot ... [more ]
Beagle Channel 5.0 stars
It is now time to celebrate 150 years after the publications of Charles Darwin ideas regarding evolution. All started many years earlier in his life, after spending 5 years in expeditions onboard the ship Beagle, which named the channel just in ... [more ]
Lagoa Escondida 5.0 stars
Located some 60 Km north of Ushuaia, Laguna Escondida makes a very nice ensemble with Lago Fagnano, a bit further north. Laguna Escondida means “hidden lagoon”, its margins being surrounded by the Andes Mountains and Magellanic woods. From ... [more ]
Philco Time Capsule 5.0 stars
Located in one of Ushuaia’s main squares, just in front of the harbor entrance, you will find the Philco time capsule. This is a small pyramid-rectangle like structure that has inside several laser video discs encased in steel, containing TV ... [more ]
City Center, Begrano 5.0 stars
This neighborhood is a good area to choose for those looking to stay out of the typical “tourist” circuit and enjoy the family life of a residential area. Even though a bit away from the bars and restaurants of Recoleta or the sites of the City ... [more ]
BARRIO NORTE 5.0 stars
The fancy, family and student area. Loads of students that come to the city to study rent their flats in the area, and I guess those busy/ lazy students are the reason for all the restaurant deliveries around. The area hosts some of the biggest ... [more ]
INTRO TAXIS 5.0 stars
Buenos Aires it's a big cosmopolitan city and as such, it's got several options to travel around. Even though Taxis are a cheap option, I personally recommend you do give the public transportation a try and indulge yourself in the experience ... [more ]
Aconcagua 4.0 stars
When I arrived at the last pueblo of the busy international highway that crosses the Andes, a stopover near the border, I didn`t knew that there was more about it. On the back there is a natural geologic bridge over the Rio de Vacas, which ... [more ]
Motorbiking in Buenos Aires 1.0 stars
Well, it has to be said that after a slow start it was all going surprisingly well. I had found a motorbike - rather overpriced but in good condition all the same - and had actually bought it. I had routes drawn onto the maps I had bought, ... [more ]
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