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Oudtshoorn Attractions

5.0 stars
All | Natural Monument and Landmark | Zoo, Aquarium | National Park, Nature Reserve | Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park
Cango Caves 5.0 stars
Natural Monument and Landmark - #1 of 5
About 30 Km north of Oudtshoorn, in the heart of the Little Karoo – you will find the majestic Cango Caves, some of the largest in all Africa. The drive up there across the mountains is quite scenic – and the inside major cave-room sometimes ... [more ]
Little Karoo 5.0 stars
Natural Monument and Landmark - #2 of 5
South Africa has many attractions and diversity of landscapes, and not only in the Western Cape, where I spent a week driving from Cape Town to the Garden Route. Once you reach Oudtshoorn (the world capital of ostridges farms) and start ... [more ]
Cango Ostrich Farm 5.0 stars
Zoo, Aquarium - #3 of 5
Ever wanted to ride an ostrich? Yes, indeed... it IS possible. At this farm - and several others - in the Oudtshoorn area of South Africa, you can get up close and very personal with these big birds. And provided you're not too heavy, you'll be ... [more ]
Highgate Ostrich Show Farm 4.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #4 of 5
This was really fun. First they take you for a tour and give you a brief explanation of ostrich customs and a museum of feathers. You get to see loads of ostrich around. A man in the crowd offered his hand to one of them, when my boyfriend tried ... [more ]
Gamkaberg National Park 4.0 stars
National Park, Nature Reserve - #5 of 5
Gamkaberg National Reserve offers a mix of both flora and fauna to visitors seeking to dig out the details of South Africa’s nature’s gifts. Wild animals such as buffaloes, zebras and antelopes can always be found grazing in the expansive ... [more ]
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