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Mexico Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Mexico vacation

Mexico Beaches 1 stars
Can you guys tell me something about Mexico beaches?


Driving to Mexico 1 stars
When driving to Mexico there are a number of things that you are supposed to do, though it’s not exactly apparent how you are supposed to know these things. The first thing is to get Mexican insurance before you cross the border. This we thankfully knew. In the small town before the Tijuana border there are a few different insurance options. We went to a couple of places and one was about $30 cheaper so make sure you shop around. Incidentally, the one that was cheaper looked a bit dingier and not quite as well presented but we still got insurance for an adequate amount. The second thing you are supposed to do is stop and get your passport stamped before you cross the border. This we didn’t do. As we approached the border we expected to be stopped for identification and all that jazz but nothing and suddenly we were in Mexico thinking oops, were we meant to have stopped somewhere. As it happened when we got to the border between North and South Baja we were stopped and force to pay the $24 each approx that it cost. Some people we met though were stopped at this border and forced to pay nearly double because they hadn’t done it when they were supposed to. Also there are lots of military checkpoints throughout the Baja. On the way back from North to South we got stopped and searched 6 separate times. The soldiers were mostly friendly and the cardboard cut outs of soldiers as you approached these stops are amusing. I had a novel about Mexico and one guy was particularly impressed with that and gave me a big grin. It helps if you know Spanish aswell. Even a little helps – I have picked up a bit from travelling and this little bit seemed sufficient for small talk. Where are you from? Where are you going? These are the kind of questions they will ask you.


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