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Mexico Attractions

4.0 stars
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Teotihuacán 5.0 stars
The Palace of Quetzalpapálotl has a significant role in Teotihuacán’s ensemble. It was probably the residence of the priests and governors - and holds in its subterranean levels frescos of blood sacrifices related to the cult of the jaguar. ... [more ]
Bosque de Chapultepec 4.0 stars
If like me, you're really interested in how the Latin American countries gained their independence from Spain/Portugal, this is the best museum in the Bosque to visit. It's called the Museo del Caracol because the building is shaped a bit like a ... [more ]
Monte Albán 4.0 stars
This building is quite famous in the archaeological study of Monte Albán. The Gran Plaza runs in a north-south direction, with all buildings, except Building J, placed squarely in relation to the Gran Plaza. Thus, the other buildings are square ... [more ]
Maya ruines 5.0 stars
When the Spanish explorer Juan de Grijalva arrived to Tulum in 1518 he was marveled with the red and blue colors of the city walls. Today the colors are not present anymore but the ruins are still worth a visit, especially the main fort that also ... [more ]
Chichen Itza 4.0 stars
As you enter Chichén Itzá, the pyramid called El Castillo rises before you. This pyramid is renowned not only for its beauty and architectural appeal, but also for its significant ties to the Mayan calendar (for example, the number of steps, ... [more ]
Frida-Kahlo-Museum 5.0 stars
One of the highlights of my trip to Mexico City was the visit to this small but magnificent museum. The Casa Azul (Blue House) was in a picturesque suburb southwest of Mexico City. This museum-house was the home were Frida was born and raised now ... [more ]
Xochimilco 4.0 stars
We visited the picturesque Xochimilco water canals during the week as the staff at our hotel mentioned it could get too crowded in the weekend. At Xochimilco we hired a traditional colorful boat called "Trajineras". Our two hour trip cost around ... [more ]
Museo del Templo Mayor 4.0 stars
Just a few steps from the Zocalo,the main square in the capital we visited the Museo del Templo Mayor(Great Temple). This museum had many rooms displaying artifacts, masks, sculptures and many items found in the site. Some of them were ... [more ]
Queretaro’s 5.0 stars
After a long day of visiting the regional shops and the Hispanic temples and cathedrals, Queretaro’s downtown is great for having a beer or a coffee, I personally love the atmosphere there since people from all ages gather in the same place, you ... [more ]
Trotzky-Museum 4.0 stars
During our visit to Coyoacan we also head for Museo Leon Trotsky. This was not as picturesque as Kahlo´s museum as it look as a conventional museum. This museum was originally Trotsky´s home in Mexico. There were details of his life, mainly ... [more ]
Ruinen von Palenque 5.0 stars
Palenque is certainly the classical Maya city – perhaps better know for the temple and tomb of King Pakal, unfortunately known as the “King-astronaut”. What many would never suspect is that only in 1994 was finally discovered the tomb of the ... [more ]
Freixenet Wine Cellar 5.0 stars
Before or after visiting the wine cellar, you are advised to pay a visit to the tasting room. There you can buy pretty large glasses of wine, prices varying from 20 to 35 pesos. There is a very wide variety of of wines, most of them sparkling. ... [more ]
El Tajín 4.0 stars
This is just what I imagined a tropical archaeological site to look like. Surrounded by lush green foilage, El Tajín was spectacular. The Pyramid of the Niches was particularly attractive and the geometric designs here are repeated in many of ... [more ]
Polanco 4.0 stars
Polanco is a very well to do area in the north of one of Mexico's biggest tourist attraction- the Bosque de Chapultepec. The architecture is from the 1930s and the years shortly after words (from the postcolonial era). There are a lot of great ... [more ]
Parque de Alameda 4.0 stars
Parque de Alameda (Alameda Central) is just outside of the historical centre of Mexico City. It's the biggest park in central Mexico with some fascinating museums and buildings in the area. Apparently it used to be a Aztec market place with a ... [more ]
Coba 4.0 stars
Cobá is a big, largely uncovered archaeological site on the Yucatán Peninsula. It lies approximately 50 km. northwest of Tulúm, on the shores of the Caribbean. It gets really warm here, so come prepared for heat and the jungle climate (and ... [more ]
Museo Nacional de Arte 4.0 stars
The National Art Museum was a pretty interesting experience for me, as well as for my foreign friends. If you're an art lover, you may really enjoy the visit, as the museum exhibits samples of Mexican art, dating from the last 6 centuries. I was ... [more ]
Cerro de la Silla 4.0 stars
A pe4rfect past-time activity for those who like sports and adventure would be climbing the small mountain/hill from Monterrey. It's name is Cerro de la Silla. I saw many people climbing it, and although I wasn't so interested in doing that, I ... [more ]
Museo Nacional de Antropología 4.0 stars
This museum was spectacular. It was nice to see some of the missing pieces brought here from the ancient sites. This museum contained all areas of history relating to the ancient empires in Mexico that Olmec, Aztec, Maya,Zapotec, Teotihuacan to ... [more ]
Uxmal 5.0 stars
Uxmal was the second most magnificent complex during my trip in Yucatán, although this site has not been completely recovered from it´s ruins state and some building are not completed. Being much further away from touristic Cancun that Chichen ... [more ]
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