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Padua Attractions

4.0 stars
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Cappella degli Scrovegni 4.0 stars
Church, Cathedral, Chapel - #1 of 8
The area that is around the chapel has interesting story behind it as well. It was bought at the beginning of 14th century by a wealthy member of community, Scrovegni. There used to be a palazzo there as well that belonged to the Scrovegni ... [more ]
Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua 4.0 stars
Church, Cathedral, Chapel - #2 of 8
The church of St. Antonio from Padua is a really great one! You can easily recognize the profile of these different-shaped towers and the great square around it. The church belongs to the Vatican and even the entrance is free and the whole Church ... [more ]
Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Fruta 5.0 stars
Market Place - #3 of 8
Now Padua is a pretty and vibrant city, however this has got to be my favorite part. Honestly market is beautiful and you would not believe what sorts of goodies can be found here. From asparagus to beautiful strawberries, just anything you ... [more ]
Prato della Valle 4.0 stars
Square - #4 of 8
Prato de la Valle is an enormous square in Padua, one of the largest in Europe. It has thousands of statues, in two rows around a long channel surrounding the whole square, there are also many trees and green areas and it is so big, that it looks ... [more ]
Musei Civici Agli Eremitani 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #5 of 8
Museo Civico Eremitani is located at Piazza Eremitani 8. This building today serves as a civic museum of Padua however once upon a time it was home to the monks that served at the Scrovegni chapel. The beautiful cloisters have been restored ... [more ]
Universita Palazzo Centrale 4.0 stars
Building - #6 of 8
Universita Palazzo Centrale is located at Via VIII Febbraio. If there is one other thing Padua is known for apart from St. Anthony and his basilica, it is the Padua University. Established in 1222 it soon became one of the most prestigious ... [more ]
Palazzo della Ragione 4.0 stars
Castle, Fortification, Palace - #7 of 8
Law Courts (or Palazzo della Ragione) can be found very close to the Café Pedrocchi on Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Fruta. I'll come back to the markets a bit later on. Even though the markets themselves are impressive so is this 13th ... [more ]
Church of the Hermits 3.0 stars
Church, Cathedral, Chapel - #8 of 8
Church of the Hermits is located at Piazza Eremitani. This church is worth to see even though the most prized treasure that was held inside was destroyed. The church was destroyed during World War II bombing and the frescos that were painted ... [more ]
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