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Living like the locals

Once we arrived in Taganga the heat and exhaustion, together with the charm of this little seaside town, meant that we didn't want to leave. Without much trouble we were able to find a little house to rent, and here we were really living like the locals - no running water meant we had to fill up a tank with water from a well, we had no fridge (in blistering heat) and so had to buy everything in tiny amounts from the local shops...but still we had a great time. Our neighbours were kind and friendly, often sharing their food with us and inviting us to join them at the local fiestas. The children in the house opposite, Alex and Maria, were charming and seemed utterly bemused by these funny... [more ]

Renting a cabana in Taganga

Many people who come to Taganga end up staying far longer than they... [more ]

Arrecifes beach, Parque Tayrona

Parque Tayrona, the national park on Colombia┬┤s Carribbean Coast, is justly... [more ]

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Magdalena Sonnenuntergangsstimmung in der Taganga Bucht Sleeping quarters View from Techos Azules terrace Beach where boats arrive & depart
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