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Palma de Mallorca Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Palma de Mallorca vacation , Majorca

More to Mallorca than Magalluf 4 stars
Mallorca is well known for it's nightlife and hot weather. Although there is more to Mallorca than Magalluf. This small island contains some of the most beautiful and moving scenes that one could ever imagine.
Valledemossa is an old village in the mountains of Mallorca with emotive and stunning views. This historic village is known for its history and museums, also the pianist Chopin lived there for a while. But for me the astounding panorama of Valledrmossa is what makes Mallorca such a special island. The views and scenes witnessed here are like no other, as well as gaze in admiration at the stunning landscape there is also lots to keep you busy.
Museums and cultural events such as the museum Cartoxia de Valldemossa which presents exhibitions on the legacy of the monks and mementoes of Chopin and is open March to October: from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. November to February: from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and Sundays closed.
I strongly recommend a visit to this beautiful village and make sure you enjoy a coffe at the 'Cappuccino' this is a popular branch of restaurant in Mallorca, with relaxing music (you can buy their CD) here you enjoy a slice of cake and freshly made coffee. The Cappuccino here in Valledemossa is particularly stunning with a creative interior design although most people choose to dine outside along with the breath taking views.


Many people spend their entire holiday by the hotel pool, rarely going out, except perhaps on an organised coach tour in the company of the guide. This is fine, however you will have far more fun exploring the island by hiring a car, bicycle or public transport. Much of the island is virtually untouched by tourism. Briefly, where to go in Mallorca:

(1) If you decide to look around the capital Palma, you will find is the richest in historic sights of all the Balearic towns. Some of the most exciting places to visit, if you are interested in history, architecture or photography are:
- Palau de I’Almudaina – was a royal residence of Jaume II build in 1309, nowadays is an official residence of King Juan Carlos. This gothic palace includes Moorish style arches and intricate carved wooden ceilings.
- Palma’s Cathedral , La Seu is the most precious architectural treasure of the Balearic islands and is regarded as one of Spain’s most outstanding Gothic structures worth a visit.
- Palau Aymans – the best museum in the Balearic islands, which houses a superb collection of works of art associated with Mallorcan History. The collection includes Almohad Treasure kept behind bullet-proof glass, Votive Painting (c.1792), Statutte of a Warrior-4th-CenturyB.C. bronze figure and other exhibits, prehistoric artefacts, jewellery, Medieval and Baroque paintings.
- Not to forget the eye catching “ Basilica de Sant Francesc” - gothic church and Franciscan monastery build in 1281. Later the church was remodelled in the 17th Century after being damaged by lightning.
- Also one of architectural reminders of Moorish presence on the island is the 10th-century hamam ( bath house), which is a small chamber with the dome supported by irregular columns and you can rest in the pleasant garden with your family.
- We can continue our walk behind the Cathedral and come across Bishop’s Palace, which is build around a large courtyard and adjoins the Renaissance City Walls,which were remodelled in the 16th-century and completed in the 19th-century,providing a wide view over the old town, the Cathedral and the harbour.
- In my opinion any visitor should not miss seeing circular Bellver Castle standing among the pine woods and enjoy the spectacular views from its terrace – such a delight for the keen photographer.
- Another treat for the art lover is Fundacio Joan Miro - museum to house the paintings and sculptures of the Catalan artist after his death in 1983, who spoke of the inspiration that he drew from the Mediterranean light and the changing colours of the sea and sky.
- A fantastic example of Modernist Architecture is The Grand Hotel, which has multicoloured ceramics and floral motifs on the balconies, arches and bay windows with a large art gallery on the 1st floor.
- (2) After the lovely walk around beautiful Palma it’s time to find one of those lovely tapas bars:
- El Pilon – it specializes in seafood and has an open kitchen so you can see the chefs at work. It’s a friendly place, where you can have tapas from 4.40 Euros per person and you can choose from battered squid, mussels, prawns, king prawns, octopus. There is a vegetarian option, which includes wild Mallorcan mushrooms, cauliflower, aubergine, battered artichoke and the cost is 12.80Euros to 18.20 Euros for any other themed selections.
On the following day we decided to dine at the most popular place with traditional Spanish cuisine – La Bodeguilla . There are two parts in the restaurant. One side is a wine bar, where you can have drinks, cheese and ham platters not to mention a selection of 200 wines. However we decided to go to the restaurant, where we tried fantastic dishes like venison with mushrooms, goose liver in a puff pastry somebody ordered roast suckling pig on the next table and all was washed down with a lovely bottle of Rioja at 18 Euros. Also the cost of lunch or dinner start at 25 Euros and I recommend this place for the romantics at hart.
We did not have much time to see the other three popular tapas bars like: Bar Sa Volta, La Boveda, La Cueva, where they serve tapas, battered calamari rings, marinated fish, dates wrapped in bacon , cured meats, spicy meatballs and you should enjoy sampling this variety of food, because is delicious.
It is dusk now and we decided after a short walk on the Passeig Maritim to go to one of the five recommended night clubs, which was a palatial townhouse converted to a lovely night spot called Abaco, where you can have a bottle of champagne at 140 Euros, cocktails at 13 Euros. It is a very decadent place, which has a theme and it is probably all about the fall of the Roman Empire. You should not leave Palma without seeing this surreal place its courtyard full of fresh fruit, flower garlands decorating the marble stairways, beautiful fountains in the garden, where you can hear the caged birds twittering.
(3)High rollers will go to the casino for poker, black jack, roulette and slot machines, and
who loves jazz will head to Barcelona Jazz Club. If you want to put on your dancing shoes the best place is Pasha – a fantastic night club with two dance floors, an outdoor terrace, where you can chill out.
(4) Well after having a cup of coffee late morning, we decided to do some shopping.
First we visited the local market with wine stalls, traditional produce, fresh fish, ceramic lamps is a place full of colour and sunshine. As we all know Mallorca has become famous for its production of simulated pearls, you can browse and choose a very good glassware, luxury leather goods, ceramics, wood and wicker products.
After a long day we decided to have a rest and start packing for tomorrow’s flight and Mallorca was worth a visit and I’ll be back to explore the island again.


Renting a car in Mallorca 3 stars
Differing completely from Menorca, the best option I found to rent a car in Mallorca was on the Internet. The price difference is huge and it also varies if you do it in the last minute.

The only thing was that, on the page I made the reservation, I chose to pick up the car at a certain time in front of Palma’s Paseo Marítimo, and when I arrived there the agency was closed. I had to take a bus to the airport to pick up the car and lost quite some time. Besides, they charge you an extra of 50 euros for a full tank of fuel and the car is to be returned with an empty tank (which was a bit inconvenient in my opinion).


Mallorca – Music in Palma 4 stars
There are lots of restaurants in the downtown area and, although I did not eat at any of them, I believe they are nicer to visit during the night. They look pretty tourist oriented. I wanted to listen to music so I asked around and was told that the best place was a jazz club called Jazzvoyeur.

This is a nice bar but it is very small and it is necessary to arrive early to find a seat. Normally they do not charge extra for the show, except if the band or musician are invited from abroad (which was the case so I had to pay some 8 euros). There are different bands or artists playing every day here at least during the summer season


Palma´s downtown 4 stars
I believe Palma’s downtown is one of the nicest of the cities I know of. Its size makes it easy to walk around it and you have interesting shops of all kinds, bars, restaurant, ice-cream shops, museums, etc. There is a nice boulevard on the avenue that takes you to the Cathedral. At the end of it there are two bars and it is nice to have something to drink there while watching some street artists performing music or dance. During the day I followed this street to my right (coming from the coast) and I was surprised to find a yet another boulevard with a very colorful flower market that took a couple of blocks.


Bar:Inferno 5 stars
Inferno is a lovely Shisha-Bar (Hookah-Bar) in Playa de Palma. It’s a little bit far from the main area of the Arenal. Just ask some locals and they’ll surely tell you where it is. This bar is on the beach , built on a wooden deck. They even have a small old boat, but I think it’s just decorative. The atmosphere is great, everybody goes there to relax. They have tables with sofas and tables with tall chairs, so make sure you get there early enough, if you want to lay on a sofa. The hookahs are not very expensive, but make sure that the guy who prepares the hookah doesn’t smoke half of it before bringing it to your table. The drinks are a little bit expensive, but the atmosphere is worth it.


Sunbathing in Mallorca 3 stars
Sunbathing is one of the main activities for tourists when they go to Mallorca. If you plan on sunbathing close to the water, make sure you get there pretty early in the morning, because at noon the beach is completely full. What I don’t like about the beach there is that it’s full of people trying to convince you to have a massage for a ridiculously high amount of money. My favorite beach is in Balneario 1, because the water is not deep at all and that’s great if you can’t swim. While sunbathing, keep a close eye on you belongings or at least hide them under the blanket.


Mallorca and the Germans 4 stars
I had heard that Mallorca hosts many germans, but I had never imagined it was so full of them. I liked that a lot, as you can find german stores everywhere, of course, with a lot higher prices than in Germany. It’s amazing how, if you speak German you get hired everywhere. Germans have their own special way of having fun in Mallorca and they always stick together. You can notice them singing in groups at any time of the day. They have their own part of the beach, their own newspaper, even their own radio station. I heard a funny story about germans calling a mallorcan guy “auslaender”(foreigner) in a german bar in Mallorca.


Staying in Palma de Mallorca 5 stars
When I went to Mallorca last summer, it was completely on accident. I had planned on going to Ibiza, but somehow I booked the wrong ship tickets. We were afraid that we wouldn´t find anything and would end up sleeping in the hills. However, this assumption was completely wrong. We found plenty of free rooms and all for good prices and this was in July. Just goto the tourist information and ask for a map of all the hostels. They are all located close to each other so you can shop around and see what hotels fits you best.

A second tip I would add is to rent a moped. There is a small moped shop in the center of Palma. Even though the store owner didn´t speak English I was able to rent a really nice scooter for around 30 Euros for one day. This allowed me to travel to some of the nicest beaches there is to offer. Don´t swim at the public beach. It is very dirty and a poor representation of Mallorca. Rather travel further away in order to discover the nicer side of the island.

I would recommend Soller. Simply take a train from Palma Station to Soller in the north of the island. The scenery on this trip is stunning. You will end up in a beautiful small town that offers both a beautiful bay for swimming and some cheap hostals. Be sure also to wander around the town for good food shopping and take a walk through lemon and orange groves to the Port area of Soller.

I find Soller more beautiful than Soller as it was a bit more isolated than Palma De Mallorca. Palma has a lot going on, but if you are looking for something quieter, more peaceful and stunning views, then spend some of your trip in other parts of the island.


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