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Palmerston North Attractions

4.0 stars
All | Museum, Gallery, Exhibition | Opera, Theatre, Concert Hall | Other Urban Landmark | Botanical Garden
Rugby Museum 5.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #1 of 5
Kiwis take their rugby seriously. The game played with the oval ball occupies a place in the New Zealand psyche, it has become their national sport, their passion, their obsession. It dominates many people's lives to the point where Saturdays are ... [more ]
Regent Theatre 5.0 stars
Opera, Theatre, Concert Hall - #2 of 5
Although the city of Palmerston North in the North Island of New Zealand has little to attract visitors who are not interested in drunk students, it does have one redeeming feature in the the form of the Regent Theatre, a massive former movie ... [more ]
The Esplanade 3.0 stars
Botanical Garden - #3 of 5
Located nowhere near the centre of Palmerston North, a grey ugly city in the south of New Zealand's North Island, is an oasis of green that could quite possibly be the town's only real asset. The Esplanade gardens provide a refuge from the city's ... [more ]
Intercity Buses of Palmerston North 1.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #4 of 5
Everything about the lady behind the desk was grey. Her hair was grey, her clothes were grey, her skin was grey, her eyes were grey. Even the words she spoke were grey. I was at the Intercity Bus Terminal in Palmerston North, New Zealand, a grey ... [more ]
Te Manawa Museum 2.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #5 of 5
The lady with a tight perm and a dress from the 1980s pounced on me as soon as I took my camera from my bag. "Excuse me," she screached, her voice sounding like fingers on a blackboard. "What do you think you are doing? There is no photography ... [more ]
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