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Pasay Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Pasay

Gumbo 5.0 stars
North American - #1 of 7 Restaurants in Pasay
Surprises always turn my tiring and famishing day around! While I was looking for some place to eat in two days ago, a girl ushered me to Gumbo. I know the name sounds weird, but wait till you hear its menu. A New Orleans restaurant, Gumbo offers ... [more ]
Bangus Resto 5.0 stars
Local - #2 of 7 Restaurants in Pasay
In the Philippines, “Bangus” or the milkfish is very popular. In fact, it has been the national fish since time immemorial. Today “Bangus” is made even more popular, thanks to a wonderful restaurant named Bangus! As its name implies, Bangus Resto ... [more ]
Savory Chicken 4.0 stars
Chinese - #3 of 7 Restaurants in Pasay
Nothing beats a classic, and that’s proven by Savory Chicken. Established in 1950 on Escolta, this Chinese restaurant boasts of its special recipe of fried chicken which later became famous to the Chinese community in the Philippines. Today, you ... [more ]
Dampa Seaside restaurant 4.0 stars
Seafood - #4 of 7 Restaurants in Pasay
Craving for seafoods in the Philippines? Why not let it be cooked fresh or even alive? The first time I was in "Seaside" restaurant as the Dampa in Macapagal Road commonly known as, it was in a group dining with office colleagues. There were ... [more ]
North American - #5 of 7 Restaurants in Pasay
I really love burgers. And whenever I’m at the Mall of Asia, I always eat at Big City Grilled Hotdogs and Sausages. I’m not exaggerating but it’s the best burger I’ve tasted. So far, nothing has even come close to how good it tastes until now. ... [more ]
Fish & Co. 3.0 stars
Steaks - #6 of 7 Restaurants in Pasay
Craving for fishy delights? Fish & Co. is the best place I can recommend for you. Of all the seafood restaurants I’ve been to, this one has, so far, the best service. Needless to say, I like the ambiance of the resto. It’s classy and inviting. ... [more ]
Toscaño Bistro 3.0 stars
Italian - #7 of 7 Restaurants in Pasay
Weekends during the holiday season at the Mall of Asia will surely not get you any seat in any common and cheap restaurant. Sometimes, even the fine restaurants that serve pricey meals are also full. This was the reason that my family was forced ... [more ]
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