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Pasig Restaurants

Top Restaurants in Pasig

Banana Leaf 5.0 stars
Asian - #1 of 9 Restaurants in Pasig
If you are thinking of banana-based meals at the Banana Leaf, then you are mistaken. Banana Leaf is definitely not about bananas or some other exotic fruit. On the contrary, I can say that the resto may be about driving its customers bananas—with ... [more ]
Barrio Fiesta 5.0 stars
Local - #2 of 9 Restaurants in Pasig
In case you miss a chance of enjoying a fiesta in the country and pigging out on local favorites, then you might want to try visiting a Barrio Fiesta restaurant. This once-famous resto used to have branches all over the metro, but nowadays you ... [more ]
Congo Grill 4.0 stars
Asian - #3 of 9 Restaurants in Pasig
If you’re looking for a spacious and cool place to hang out at, I recommend Congo Grill. There are lots of Congo Grill branches in Manila but the best so far is the one in El Pueblo Ortigas, Pasig City. Why? The place is unique because it is ... [more ]
Greenwich Pizza 4.0 stars
Fast Food - #4 of 9 Restaurants in Pasig
The current slogan of Greenwich is “the Philippine’s No. 1 Pizza.” Well, if I’ll base on the local pizza chains, the company could be right about this slogan. But then again, Greenwich is not my top choice when it comes to pizza. Forgive me, but ... [more ]
Big Red Barn 4.0 stars
North American - #5 of 9 Restaurants in Pasig
I love it that a Big Red Barn resto can be found right inside the Fun Ranch Activity Center. We do not have to look far for a menu that will please the young ones’ palette. The Big Red Barn offers interesting dishes for kiddies to enjoy and their ... [more ]
Jun2 Cebu Lechon 4.0 stars
Local - #6 of 9 Restaurants in Pasig
Traveling to the Philippines might leave you with lots of memories of good fun and good food. Let's face it; among those delicious treats we have is the "lechon" or roasted pig, which is practically a staple on the table. In Jun2 Cebu Lechon, ... [more ]
Sisigland 4.0 stars
Local - #7 of 9 Restaurants in Pasig
Chilling and dining out with your family or a group of friends can be fun even with so many people around. That's what I learned when we ate in Sisigland, where we had laughs and had our stomachs full of the usual grilled foods and Filipino ... [more ]
Somethin' Piggy...Sometimes Fishy 4.0 stars
Local - #8 of 9 Restaurants in Pasig
With its catchy name, I was immediately drawn to the bar and grill house called Somethin' Piggy...Sometimes Fishy. Bbased on what I have observed, so too do other people, this food place seems to be a local favorite especially when it comes to ... [more ]
Nacho Fast 3.0 stars
Mexican - #9 of 9 Restaurants in Pasig
Mexican flavors are blended in an affordable way through Nacho Fast. Whenever I crave for a Mexican fix, I run to this humble eating hub because I know that I would find just what my palate is searching for without having to worry about the price ... [more ]
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