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Patras Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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I really enjoyed my visit to Patras and so did my friends. The town is lovely and tthere are many places really worth visiting. I really enjoyed my visit to the castle and to the cathedral, but what is also really interesting and beautiful is the new bridge they built. The harbor of Patras is very busy and many ferries leave daily for other Greek destinations and even for Italy. The prices in Patras are not very high and we usually felt safe. I am glad that we got to see a bit of the town outside the central area. It’s really worth taking a walk to other areas of the town. [more ]

Psila Alonia plaza

A lovely place in Patras is the plaza called Psila Alonia. It is rather... [more ]


A very important tourist attraction of Patras is the castle. It is enormous... [more ]

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1. Wine cellars of Achaia Clauss 4.0 stars
2. Saint Andrew Cathedral 4.0 stars
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