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Perth Attractions

4.0 stars
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Kings Park 4.0 stars
Park - #1 of 14
Kings Park has the best views in Perth and is certainly a great spot for tourists to go to get photos, have a picnic or take a walk. If you fancy a hot drink then check out the traditional tearooms or one of the coffee shops. A must stop on the ... [more ]
Perth's Beaches 4.0 stars
Beach - #2 of 14
I spent an afternoon exploring Perth’s city beaches by bike and found that the entire area is very cycle friendly. That’s because there is a cycle way that runs along the entire stretch and this gave me a great way to enjoy the beaches that are ... [more ]
The Royal Show 4.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #3 of 14
Every year, Perth plays host to the Royal Show, an all singing, all dancing celebration of everything that is Western Australia. Having arrived in Australia only a few days before, I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing signs for The Royal Show ... [more ]
Central Station 5.0 stars
Train Station - #4 of 14
Indeed, although I have seen larger than life portions at restaurant in the U.S. it seems that Australian restaurants top even those. As I was very hungry, and since the food was absolutely divine, I did manage, incredibly, to clean the entire ... [more ]
Seal Island 5.0 stars
Marine Park - #5 of 14
Seal island is part of a marine wildlife park so is protected; therefore you can’t walk on the island at all. However, Rockingham Wild Encounters offers a short boat ride around the island, complete with a really interesting talk from a Marine ... [more ]
Northbridge 5.0 stars
Quarter - #6 of 14
Northbridge is a big backpacker hang out, personally I love it in Northbridge! It’s absolutely packed with café’s, restaurants, bars and clubs so what ever time of day it is there is always something to do. The bars in Northbridge are each very ... [more ]
Newspaper Western Australia 5.0 stars
Building - #7 of 14
I’m travelling Australia on a working visa and I have noticed that some towns are really hard to get work and it takes a while, however, after less that a day of looking for jobs, I applied for two and by the end of the day I had five job offers ... [more ]
Cape Peron 4.0 stars
Cape, Lighthouse - #8 of 14
During my last visit to Perth I was able to spend some time at Cape Peron which offered a number of small beaches separated by rocky breakwaters. Some of the small bays were nicely secluded and although on this occasion I didn’t go snorkeling the ... [more ]
Burswood Casino 4.0 stars
Casino - #9 of 14
The early closing was a curious state of affairs, as Perth does have a large number of Singaporeans and Hong Kong Chinese people living in the city. It was quite surprising, since in these cities, and most others in Asia, shops usually open late ... [more ]
Australian customs checks at Perth Airport 4.0 stars
Airport - #10 of 14
The customs process here was very thorough. Nearly every single bag was searched, and swabs were used extensively to check both passengers and bags for traces of explosives and/or drugs. I was quite taken aback as to how meticulously the ... [more ]
Barrack Street Pier 4.0 stars
Harbour - #11 of 14
The walk in the parklands along the river was really very nice. I noticed that there were boat services from the Barrack Street Ferry pier that could take me to various destinations, one of which was the area around the South Perth Esplanade on ... [more ]
St James Mitchell Park 4.0 stars
Park - #12 of 14
I left the restaurant and walked around the pier area and the adjacent Sir James Mitchell Park for a while to admire the view. Perth City was laid out like a carpet on the other side of the river and I was able to enjoy a view that looked more ... [more ]
Harbour Town 3.0 stars
Shopping - #13 of 14
Harbour Town is located a short walk away from the City West train stop, its one of those out of town shopping centres “at factory prices” usually with these places I find the prices the same as in the high street shops but this shopping centre ... [more ]
Western Australia Cricket Association 3.0 stars
Stadium, Sports Arena - #14 of 14
I haven´t got the first clue about cricket and have never watched a match on television in my life. However, during my time in Perth, I was invited to go and see a test match, South Africa versus the Australians at the WACA – The Western ... [more ]
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