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Peschiera del Garda Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Peschiera del Garda vacation , Lake Garda

Peschiera del Garda 4 stars
Peschiera del Garda is a nice small town on the Southern coast of lake Garda that I was lucky to visit during my long trip in Northern Italy in November 2008. I missed some trains and it became impossible for me to follow my initial plan so I had to miss several cities and I decided to have a look at Peschiera since it was on my way and it was a very good idea. The whole old town is built in something like a big citadel with still standing walls and bastions, where you can walk watching the old town and the lake. There is also a channel flowing through the town center. The buildings were not very special, but their picturesque situation on the banks of the channel and the beautiful lake Garda was enough to make me feel I made the right choice with that town.


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