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Morocco Attractions

4.0 stars
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Djemaa el Fna 4.0 stars
Reputed to be the largest public square in Africa, Jemaa el Fna is the heartbeat of Marrakech. I would recommend that you visit at night. There is a spectacular array of stalls all with their own lighting systems from hijacked mains electric ... [more ]
Souks of Marrakech 4.0 stars
The souks are one of the biggest draws to Marrakech and the medina. They are a shopoholic’s dream come true and the choice is so immense that the experience can seem overwhelming. The souks form a myriad of cobbled intertwining streets on the ... [more ]
Marrakech/Jardin Majorelle and Islamic Art Museum 4.0 stars
at the beautiful Jardin Majorelle. I went in January but the colours of the walls, pots and planting were still breathtaking. It must be even more stunning when the season is warmer. Created by landscape painter Jacques Mojorelle in 1924, later ... [more ]
Hassan II Mosque 4.0 stars
This stunning building just by the Casablanca sea is a must-see. A contrast with the more humble look of the rest of Casablanca. They have tours inside the Mosque which I highly recommend. Once inside the building you need to cover your ... [more ]
Saadian Tombs 4.0 stars
Marrakech is rightly famous for its souks. However, what do you do when you are tired of walking round the markets. Try visiting the Saadian Tombs. The Saadian dynasty ruled much of southern Morocco during the 16th and 17th centuries. Sultan ... [more ]
Marrakesh Museum 5.0 stars
The museum of Marrakesh is hosted in the lovely Mnehbi Palace, which was built during the 18th century. The palace itself is really worth seeing, as it has a very unique architecture. I really loved the whole interior of the building, and the ... [more ]
Ali Ben Youssef Medersa 5.0 stars
If you go to Marrakesh and visit the Museum of the city, take some time to visit the Ali Ben Youssef Mdersa school. It is right nearby. The school was founded around the 14 century and it was especially meant for teaching the Koran. It is amazing ... [more ]
Bahia Palance 4.0 stars
everything you ever needed to see and know about intricate stucco work, mosaic (zellij) and inlaid woodwork. You need to imagine the place filled with opulent furnishings and just as grand people in the late 19th century. What remains are the ... [more ]
Medersa Bou Inania 4.0 stars
A medersa is a school of theology. I think that the boys who study there start from a very young age and what they mostly study is the Koran and Laws. The building is really beautiful. It has a lovely architecture, typical for Morocco, with ... [more ]
Souq al Had 4.0 stars
The Souq al Had market is also a very popular market in Agadir. I visited it and I must say that it's nothing like the main market, that you find in the center. The Souq al Had is mostly for locals and you almost don't see souvenir stalls. What ... [more ]
Bab Babou Jeloud 4.0 stars
Bab Babou Jeloud is one of the main tourist attractions in Fes. To be honest, I think there ware way more interesting places in the city, but this doesn't mean that I didn't like Bab Babou Jeloud. The attraction is actually a gate. There are many ... [more ]
Horse Carriages 4.0 stars
The city of Marrakech spans an incredibly huge area and means tired aching feet at the end of a day of sightseeing! This being said a relaxing hour long horse and carriage ride around the sights is a very leisurely experience. The horse and ... [more ]
Skala de la Ville 4.0 stars
Right between the city and the ocean, there are high walls, built about 200 years ago, in order to protect the city of Essaouira from attacks by sea. The views you get on the ocean from the walls are beautiful and the trip there is honestly worth ... [more ]
Ensemble Artisanal 4.0 stars
then head off to Ensemble Artisanal on the Ave Mohammed V just inside the Remparts (city wall), opposite the Cyber Park - takes 5-10 mins walk from the Jemaa El Fna square, by the Koutoubia. I felt very comfortable asking questions to the many ... [more ]
Dar Batha Museum 4.0 stars
There are many museum in Fez and I consider Dar Batha to be one of the most interesting of the ones I visited. My group and I visited the museum and all of us liked the exhibits. Even though the museum is very similar to other Moroccan museums, ... [more ]
Mellah 4.0 stars
Mellah is the Jewish Neighborhood of Marrakesh. You can find it in the old part of the city. This area is slightly different than the rest of the city. The houses are different and the whole atmosphere for that matter. Many Jews came here from ... [more ]
Marrakesh Walls 4.0 stars
The old Medina neighborhood of Marrakesh still hosts the impressive city walls built during the 12th century. The walls are one of the main attraction of Marrakesh, in my opinion, as there were many tourists visiting them when I was there. There ... [more ]
Koubba 3.0 stars
The Koubba is a very old building and a main tourist attraction of Marrakesh. In fact, I think it is the oldest building in the city. It had been buried and recently discovered. They dug it up in 1948. The Kuobba dates from the 12th century and ... [more ]
El Badi Palace 5.0 stars
The El Badi Palace used to belong to the Saadi dynasty, just like the Saadian tombs, which I also recommend visiting. The palace was probably built in the 16th century. Now it is mainly in ruins, which is a real pity, because in those times it is ... [more ]
4x4 Camel Route (Marrakesch-Ourzazate) 5.0 stars
I highly recommend this day activity. We wanted to visit another areas of Morocco, so the staff at our hotel in Marrakesh pointed us in the direction of a company who organised a Camel Route Drive including visit to the famous Ait Benhaddou and ... [more ]
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