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Pitlochry Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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The Smallest Distillery

Edradour is the smallest legally operating distillery in Scotland, as well as one of the last privately owned ones. Another distinguishing feature is that a tour of the distillery is free. Most other places will charge around £10 and you'll find yourself in a large group. At Edradour you'll most likely be in a group of less than five people, unless you're there in the summer, when tourist numbers skyrocket. The tour itself is fun and informative and includes a free dram of whiskey. This is the closest you'll come to seeing the way whiskey was made over the past couple of centuries, as the other, larger distilleries have updated their methods and machinery. The whiskey bar in the... [more ]

The Enchanted Forest: a mysterious event in Scotland

When I lived in Scotland, recommended by a taxi driver in Dundee, my friends... [more ]

Moulin, Nr Pitlochry

This little village is a picture postcard place, nestled on either side of a... [more ]

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1. Pine Trees Hotel Pitlochry 3.0 stars
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1. Moulin Inn 4.0 stars
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Pitlochry Pitlochry distillery building
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