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Port Royal Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Y-Knot is a cool hang out spot in Port Royal. You can relax and enjoy a cold drink and the most delicious steamed fish at the outdoor bar and restaurant.
Y-Knot is right on the water, a lot of fishing boats and private boats are docked there. Most people laze around while they wait for the next available boat to take them to lime cay, a nearby island. There are numerous trips daily from Y-Knot to the cays.

The atmosphere is very laidback and it’s a great place to meet up with friends and family. Some nights, if you sit on the deck you may be unfortunate enough to hear a few karaoke patrons at the nearby Morgan’s Harbour Hotel try to hold a note. It’s a bit of a... [more ]

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Port Royal - Top Locations

Top Rated Hotels

1. Morgan's Harbour Hotel 4.0 stars
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Top Rated Attractions

1. Lime Cay 5.0 stars
2. Palisadoes-Port Royal Cays 4.0 stars
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Top Rated Restaurants

1. Gloria's Rendezvous 5.0 stars
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