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Prague Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Prague

U Cerneho Vola 5.0 stars
Local - #1 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
If you're looking for something that offers a little more sustenance than bar food, head next door from U Cerneho Vola to U Sevce Matouse for a steak grilled to perfection and pommes frites that get better with each round of beers. A former ... [more ]
Havelak 5.0 stars
European - #2 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
Delicious food, snacks melt in the mouth, and their martinis are the most refreshing drink I have had in years! Great staff, very friendly and professional team, great music and lively ambiance! Great place for family outings, romantic dinners... ... [more ]
Olympia 5.0 stars
Bohemian - #3 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
If you're interested in Czech haute cuisine, then Olympia is probably not the place for you. But if you're interested in some traditional Czech pub food and a good pint or glass of wine at a reasonable price, make tracks to Olympia. This is ... [more ]
Jama 5.0 stars
Mexican - #4 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
A good atmosphere makes all the difference in a restaurant and this is definitely true of Jama in Prague. I first visited Jama in 2005 having just arrived in the city and instantly felt at home. Being a huge music fan I was intrigued by the many ... [more ]
Marco Polo 5.0 stars
Seafood - #5 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
Judging by the number of cafes and restaurants with maritime names, Czechs appear to have a genuine nostalgia for the sea. Here, a Christopher Columbus-style caravel has been chosen as the expression of this longing. Inside, the nautical ... [more ]
Francouzska 5.0 stars
French - #6 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
This place is pure opulence. They leave no detail unnoticed, and everything was simply perfect. It is a very, very upscale restaurant, a kind of mixture of French food and local cuisine, and the combination of flavours throughout the menu ... [more ]
U Provaznice 5.0 stars
East European - #7 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
A lot of the restaurants in central Prague are a rip-off and quite tacky, but I really love U Provaznice. It's hidden just behind the entrance to the Mustek metro on the street of the same name. In the summer it's great to sit outside, and when ... [more ]
Lekha Hlava 5.0 stars
International - #8 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
Being a vegetarian living in such a meat-dominated society I was so happy to discover Lekha Hlava (Clear Head in English). The choice of delicious food from around the world is great, and really reasonable considering the central location. The ... [more ]
Hospudka na Schodech 4.0 stars
Bohemian - #9 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
Whenever i go to a new country i always have to try the cusine. So i was very happy when i found this tiny restaurant. We found the cute restaurant when we were coming back fromthe castle (getting lost). It sells the most delicious Czech food ... [more ]
Atmosphere 4.0 stars
Local - #10 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
This is kind of like cheap pub food, and I feel guilty for saying we liked it so much, but really we did. There's something about finding a place that's inexpensive yet serves large portions... it's really satisfying. They have a decent ... [more ]
Baretta 4.0 stars
Italian - #11 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
We had a very good pizza here, as well as a nice experience sitting outside and enjoying the early summer evening. We asked the waiter to choose his favourite pizza, and we ended up with one that had everything imaginable on it - about six ... [more ]
U cerneho orla 4.0 stars
European - #12 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
The restaurant “U černého orla” is very well located, just as you exit the magnificent Charles IV Bridge, towards the castle side of the Vltava River. Above it you have the residence with the same name. This is a very old place– its history going ... [more ]
Dynamo 3.0 stars
Local - #13 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
A study in design, Dynamo is the brainchild of Olgoj Chorchoj, the architecture and design team of Jan Nemecek and Michal Fronek. The restaurant stepped into the new millenium with a new decor; aquamarine walls, streamlined benches, designer ... [more ]
Cowboys and Cocktails 3.0 stars
Steaks - #14 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
This restaurant came highly recommended, but to be honest I wasn't all that impressed with either the food or the service. Given the prices, I expected something really special, and although the meal wasn't terrible or anything, I didn't think ... [more ]
Zvonarka 3.0 stars
Local - #15 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
This restaurant doesn't have any special gimmicks or any kind of trick to draw customers in, but what they do have is a good, solid menu, and service that is at least average. It's hard to rate this restaurant, because although our meal was fine ... [more ]
Cantina 2.0 stars
Mexican - #16 of 16 Restaurants in Prague
The food is awful at this place, really it's not even a poor excuse for Mexican food, but they make up for it with great drinks and a jovial atmosphere. The service is not fantastic, as the restaurant is always busy and they seem to be ... [more ]
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