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Prague Bars

4.0 stars

Prague bar reviews from insiders

Bohemia Bagel 5.0 stars
#1 of 11 Bars & Cafés in Prague
Heads-up Americans (especially New Yorkers), I'm talking to you: The longer you spend abroad, the more you begin to miss the comforts of home (naturally), and that especially includes a New York bagel. Of course, they have bagels in Europe and ... [more ]
Cafe Louvre 5.0 stars
#2 of 11 Bars & Cafés in Prague
In Prague, particularly in the warmer months, you have one of two options: sightsee during the day, which generally entails walking for hours on end or pub crawl at night, taking it easy during the daylight hours. Rarely is it a good idea to ... [more ]
Jo's Bar 4.0 stars
#3 of 11 Bars & Cafés in Prague
I had a great time at this bar when I was traveling through Europe this Fall. The staff was great, and it was an excellent way to meet other expats. Try the pilsner :-) it's the best I've had. [more ]
Kavara Slavia Café 4.0 stars
Steaks - #4 of 11 Bars & Cafés in Prague
This is simply and old-fashioned café with really old-fashioned retro decor, but it's a nice place to have a relaxing lunch and some tea or coffee. The have some decent sandwiches here - nothing so amazing or fresh, but still nice enough to keep ... [more ]
Hidden Pub in Prague 5.0 stars
#5 of 11 Bars & Cafés in Prague
My husband and I have been to this pub more times than we can count, and we don't even know its name! This is a great place which is nearly impossible to find. You have to plunge into the warren of streets to the right of the Cathedral, pass ... [more ]
La Bodeguita del medio 5.0 stars
#6 of 11 Bars & Cafés in Prague
So what good things could came from the Cold War in what regards a mix between Prague and La Havana? Does La Bodeguita del Medio rings any mojito bell? Indeed Prague has its own Bodeguita del Medio, not only La Havana! Actually this nice bar ... [more ]
The Globe 5.0 stars
#7 of 11 Bars & Cafés in Prague
Near the National Theater is one of the best and worst kept secrets among the Prague's expatriates (and the guidebooks they write for). Located on Pstrossova (near the equally expat-chic Cafe Tulip), the Globe's move seven years ago keeps hip ... [more ]
Bakeshop Praha, Prague 5.0 stars
#8 of 11 Bars & Cafés in Prague
In Prague, you can get your fill of apple strudel at any sidewalk cafe. However, (especially if you’re in the Czech Republic long-term) no one will blame you for craving a giant soft-baked chocolate chip cookie. And expat Anne Feeley’s Bakeshop ... [more ]
Dobra Cajovna 4.0 stars
#9 of 11 Bars & Cafés in Prague
Czech cajovnas or teahouses are a great institution, not to mention a great antidote to the smoky pubs and clubs that dominate in the Czech Republic. There are lots of great cajovnas in Prague, but Dobra Cajovna is possibly the most central ... [more ]
Monarch 4.0 stars
#10 of 11 Bars & Cafés in Prague
The Monarch wine bar is a stylish but necessarily formal affair. The decor is simple, but gives off an air of importance. There are the standard floor-to-ceiling wine racks, dark wooden table and candles. The Monarch on Na Perstyne is really ... [more ]
Giallo rossa Pizza 3.0 stars
Italian - #11 of 11 Bars & Cafés in Prague
If you don’t want to pay for the fancy restaurants in market square in Prague, go into the lane next to the contemporary art museum. Giallo rossa serves great pizza combos with a local beer 99 koruna . You definitely need something hot when it rains. [more ]
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