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I went here last night with my fiancé for the first time and I have two words to simplify this entire article: I'm impressed.

Ali's is a brand spanking new restaurant that serves everything from Döner to cheeseburgers and currywurst. You can watch them make your food right from where you sit.

Which reminds me: the seating here is very comfortable. There are even two-seater couches here, so you can sit next to your hubby/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, instead of across the table from him/her, which, I'm sure, is a big plus for a lot of people.

Their prices are unbeatable in this town. I ordered a cheeseburger and my fiancé ordered a Döner (and... [more ]

Medieval charm with a modern outlook

Preetz is a wonderful town with a slight medieval flair about it, located in... [more ]

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1. Ercan's Döner Treff 5.0 stars
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