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Puerto Escondido Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Great Surfing For Sportsmen or Spectators

Even if you don’t have an interest in trying surfing yourself, Puerto Escondido is a great place to watch others surf. Puerto Escondido is often referred to as the "Mexican pipeline" and has been called one of the most powerful, most famous beachbreaks in the world. Because of the great surfing, Puerto Escondido is host to an annual international surfing contest. Some of the beaches carry a dangerous undertow, so be careful if you do plan to surf. The undertow is said to be worst at Playa Zicatela where apparently some of the better surfing is found. Just a note for fun: there is a statue of a surfer just off the beach in Puerto Escondido to commemorate this famous sport. [more ]

Getting There From Oaxaca

We took a bus from Oaxaca City to get to Puerto Escondido. The trip was at... [more ]

General Information

We saw a lot of people surfing here and it seems to be a good spot for it.... [more ]

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1. Andador Escénico 5.0 stars
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