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Pushkar Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Pushkar Pesky Puja

So you’ve all probably heard about the scams that run fluent through India, well this is another one to beware of. If you go down to the lake in Pushkar you’ll probably be bombarded with a number of pilgrims and Baba’s offering you puja (prayers). They like to get you roped in by saying it is for the well being of your family members, which tends to work on a lot of people, in which turn they’ll do the puja and then charge you upwards of 100 rupees for each family member. Sounds like a rip off? Well yes it is, and when you go into any temple that’s not in a heavily populated tourist area you won’t be asked to pay a cent, only a donation which you see fit. You can say no to the Pushkar... [more ]

Pushkar - Scams

As i've mentioned already in my India travel tips, there are a lot of scams... [more ]

Pushkar - Savitri Temple

This is a Brahma Temple on the top of a hill and is a nice place to go for... [more ]

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1. Everest Guesthouse 5.0 stars
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1. Om Shiva Buffet 5.0 stars
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