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Québec Attractions

4.0 stars
All | Sculpture, Monument, Statue, Memorial Place | Botanical Garden | Other Urban Landmark | Government Building | Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park | Shopping
Jeanne d'Arc Garden 5.0 stars
Botanical Garden - #1 of 7
A great place to visit to, to explore, and to relax at while visiting Quebec City is the Jeanne d’Arc Garden, it is very nice there. I was told that when it is tulips season, we can find lots of tulips surrounding the garden but I have never seen ... [more ]
L'Homme-Riviere 5.0 stars
Sculpture, Monument, Statue, Memorial Place - #2 of 7
This was a really, really good finding when my friends and I found this somewhat hidden statue. The location is a bit unfortunate, I guess, since a newcomer to the city will definitely not find it if they don’t stroll down the neighborhood. There ... [more ]
Saint-Jean Street 5.0 stars
Shopping - #3 of 7
Another famous and important area to go while you are in the Quebec City is Saint-Jean Street (Rue Saint-Jean). Here, on Saint-Jean Street, if you wish to go for shopping ‘til you drop or just window-shopping and exploring time, the street is ... [more ]
Dufferin Terrace 5.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #4 of 7
One area that is certainly not to be missed while touring Quebec City is the Terrasse Dufferin (Dufferin Terrace); I had a fun walk along the terrace when I was there with my husband. From Dufferin Terrace you can see Levis across the St. ... [more ]
Québec Winter Carnival 4.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #5 of 7
Québec’s winter carnival (the Carnaval de Québec) is an absolute must if you happen to be in the Province at the right time of year (the end of January/start of February). It bills itself as the world’s largest winter carnival and you certainly ... [more ]
Parliament Building 4.0 stars
Government Building - #6 of 7
Visiting the Parliament building in the Quebec City was somewhat a pain; it is to my opinion that the security was stricter than what I had experienced while visiting Parliament building in Ottawa; however, it was worth it. From the outside, the ... [more ]
Québec Battlefield 3.0 stars
Sculpture, Monument, Statue, Memorial Place - #7 of 7
If you’ve an interest in North American history then the siege and capture of Québec from the French by the English in 1789 features as a prominent event. The generals of both armies (Wolfe and the Marquis de Montcalm) were killed in the battle ... [more ]
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