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New Zealand Attractions

5.0 stars
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Aoraki Mt Cook National Park 5.0 stars
Mount Cook has been the crown jewel in the New Zealand mountain chest since people first realised it was the biggest mountain in the country. It is where Sir Edmund Hillary learnt to climb before becoming the first person to scale Everest in 1953 ... [more ]
Bay of Islands 5.0 stars
I watched the small child get thrown from the flying fox (also known as a zip line) and spin twice in the air, before hitting the ground in an eclectic jumble of arms and legs. I then watched as both parents almost fell over laughing. After a ... [more ]
Minus 5 3.0 stars
Minus 5ยบ serves a complimentary cocktail made with Absolut vodka (their sponsor). Visitors can have up to 2 additional drinks (for a fee) while in the bar. No more than 3 drinks per person are served due to the affects of the alcohol on the ... [more ]
Fox Glacier 5.0 stars
Fox Glacier sits on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand, a natural river of ice tumbling from the top of the mountains to the sea. It is a popular place to visit, and is one of the only places in the world where you can walk on a ... [more ]
Kawakawa 5.0 stars
To combine art and "the way to the bathrooms" you have to visit the Hunderwasser Toilets in Kawakawa. Since the artist spend some time in that city, he left behind a typically colorful and grass covered roof little building. Over the street there ... [more ]
Pancake Rocks 5.0 stars
The Pancake Rocks are a formation of rocks situated on the West Coast of New Zealand. They are rocks that are stacked like pancakes. Hence the name. Simple, really. The walking track around them is easy, and when the tide comes in you might be ... [more ]
Sky Tower 4.0 stars
The tower observatory offers captivating views of the city. I spent ages there, looking at Auckland from all angles. The water views, in particular, were breathtaking. I loved the glass blocks on the tower floor. Even though I knew it was thick ... [more ]
Hot Water Beach 5.0 stars
Just south of Hahei is Hot Water Beach, where any holes you dig in the sand are filled imediately with hot water from underground organic springs. The gimmick is nice, but after about 20 minutes of standing in tepid puddles I got a bit bored, ... [more ]
Mount Victoria 5.0 stars
The trouble with hire cars is that they can sometimes be like a box of chocolates... sticky and horrible on the inside. The car I had hired struggled to get up Mount Victoria, the big hill in the centre of Wellington, but at least the drive was ... [more ]
Mount Ruapehu 5.0 stars
Mount Ruapehu stands proud and steadfast in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand, and is better known as being the location of many of the Mount Doom scenes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is also well known as a ski destination, ... [more ]
Waiwera Hot Pools 4.0 stars
Whether your heading up north or just fancy a break from Auckland, Waiwera is a perfect little stop. It's less than an hour from the city on a lovely piece of coast that is a great chill out place. You could happily visit and just chill out on ... [more ]
Central Business District 4.0 stars
The Occidental Belgian Beer Cafe is located on Vulcan Lane just off Queens Street. There are some outside tables for smokers or those who want to watch passersby. Inside the restaurant is quite cozy, with dark wood, tables and booths and 2 bar ... [more ]
Lilliput Model Railway 5.0 stars
HI I am bringing my class of 26 7/8/9 year olds to Napier on Monday morning. We are booked in to skate from 10.30-12.00 BUT if it is raining we can not skate so I am stuck with 26 kids for 1 1/2 hours. The skating was costing me $5 per child. ... [more ]
Abel Tasman National Park 5.0 stars
Abel Tasman National Park is paradise. No, its more than that. Its paradise times ten. No, times one hundred. Times infinity. A golden beach curls around a blue ocean, while rainforest sits along the shore like a Pacific Island. Kayakers gently ... [more ]
Otago 5.0 stars
The water was cold, icy, and blue, and it held me in a tight embrace, like a huge wet tongue wrapped around my entire body. Bubbles of air floated through the strange half light of the underwater environment, and only their movement, like ... [more ]
Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland 5.0 stars
I must admit, I was a little sceptical about the name, a little cynical about the use of the word "Wonderland". It conjured up images in my mind of gnomes or Oompaa Loompas running round smiling and giving out chocolate. But I needn't have ... [more ]
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa 5.0 stars
The ground shook violently, causing the table and everything on it to bounce and rattle haphazardly. The windows seemed to buckle, and it was impossible to stand. They say that during an earthquake, you should dive under a table or doorframe. I ... [more ]
Cadbury World 5.0 stars
I met a Dutch guy in New Zealand who said to me the following sentence: "Have you been to Cadbury World... they have a waterfall made of chocolate..." His eyes sort of glazed over when he said this, focusing on something in the distance. A ... [more ]
Milford Road 5.0 stars
Sometimes I wish I was a bus driver. It seems a strange wish, but if I met a genie, that would be on top of things to ask for. And the reason? It would mean I could drive the stunning Milford Road every day. Milford Road is located in the ... [more ]
Huka Falls 5.0 stars
The Huka Falls is one of the best known waterfalls in New Zealand, although I hesitate to call it one of the most spectacular. It is certainly impressive and loud, with over 220,000 litres of water passing through it every second, but its fame ... [more ]
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