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Raisdorf Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Raisdorf vacation , Deutsche Ostseeküste

McDonald's in Raisdorf 4 stars
Although I wouldn't particularly say that fast food is a popular thing throughout Europe, McDonald's has held its ground quite well in Germany.

The McDonald's in Raisdorf is all but ordinary, though, when it comes to its environment. Regular tables and chairs? Pah, try thinking of plush, comfy chairs and a cafe-style table to sit at, making it a more "homely" sort of place to enjoy your Big Mac.

It also offers a "McCafe," which, I suppose, is similar to Starbucks, as it offers hot and cold coffees and other things Starbucks-style foods and drinks.


Raisdorf 4 stars
Raisdorf, while small, is a bustling little town that offers just about anything you can imagine. From McDonalds to Doener, your choices of eating is all but limited, and for the shopper in all of us, there are a number of outlets that sell clothing, shoes, jewelry and other apparel. Also, there is a Media Markt, which is very popular with kids, teens and adults alike, making it a well-visited place throughout all hours of the day. Due to its location between Preetz and Kiel, it is an ideal location for those who like to live in close to other towns, and these two are easily accessible by bike, train or car.


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