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Restaurant for special noodle soup in Dalat

Alright, not that I don’t know the name of the restaurant, but it actually doesn’t have a name at all, but I can assure you that many people know about this place. They have the best Chinese-style noodle soup in town and attracts a lot of tourists and locals also coming there for a great Vietnamese-style breakfast (I know it may sound weird for those who come from western countries because you just have bread and some like that for breakfast, but in Vietnam they all have big breakfast and it probably is one of the best meals during the day.) Anyway, just come to Dalat and ask for this Chinese restaurant, any local can show you the way to it. I give it five stars and you may think the same... [more ]

Nam Son Restaurant in Dalat

Thinking about that you may have some problem looking for a good restaurant... [more ]

Da Nhim Lake

This 9.3 km² Da Nhim Lake is often used by a lot of movie studios for filming... [more ]

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Lâm Ðồng Happy buddha near  Ðà Lạt Truc Lam Pagoda Truc Lam Pagoda Coffee near Dalat
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