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Rimouski Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your Rimouski vacation

Saturday July 31 Internet Café Saves The Day 3 stars

In desperate need of more income, I decided to return to town and use the internet café until the library opened. This session went much better as I kept saving my work at short intervals to avoid losing material. After submitting several completed pieces, I went back to the library hoping that their system would be back in order. It was at this time that I discovered that I had been reading the winter schedule instead of summer. The short phrase En d’ete, made a big difference. The library was closed on Saturdays during the summer. However, a second very successful two-hour session at the café put me in much better financial shape for the coming week.

I left town around 5 P.M., a very happy man. I had even discovered that the bike route continued east along the shoreline for quite ways and that I did not have to ride on the narrow shoulders of the main highway.

As it turned out the bike route had quite a few interesting sights. The first was a very tall lighthouse, located next to a vintage WW II submarine called the Onondaga. The submarine now resided on dry land, so it was fascinating to see the complete contour of the metal vessel. Near the light there were many old weathered buildings that had once been associated with the lighthouse. At present they were freshly painted and functioned as maritime museums, gift shops, cafes and ice cream vendors. With great difficulty I resisted a crème glacee and headed down the road.

The next town was Pointe-aux-Pere, which featured a large church and a cemetery, both situated next to the sea. The tombstones seemed so peaceful and serene next to the quiet waters that I could not resist spending some admiring and photographing the scene. People were everywhere even walking through the graveyard and admiring the view just like as was.

When I left the church I encountered even more people, for the small town seemed full of strollers and lookers. As I continued my ride I found out why. This stretch of coast was full of restaurants and art galleries. One prominent wood sculpture was featured everywhere even at the church where he had some standing wood sculptures. One sculpture of just a pair or hands praying stuck in my mind.

Gradually, the bike path and the throngs of people came to an end, as I exited onto the main highway. After awhile I could see finding spot for the night on the main highway would be difficult, so I tuned right and followed another highway inland towards Mon Joli. Again, I found shelter in a farmer’s fields, but this time I had much better luck eventually locating a group of fallow fields and second growth woods.


Arrival in Rimouski 4 stars
Arrival In Rimouski

Because I did not want to be discovered in my impromptu sleeping arrangement, I lit out of the farmer’s field as soon as the sky started getting light. I was pushing for Rimouski, which was not too far away. On the map Rimouski looked like one of the larger cities along the south shore, so I was looking forward to spending a good part of the day at the public library.

As I approached the city I passed through a scenic part of the coast, where small mountains (some might say large hills) dominated the rocky terrain. I was passing through the Bic Provincial Park, which was situated just west of the coastal town.

I purchased some milk along the way and then stopped at a roadside rest area across the highway from the park entrance. The place was busy, especially considering it was only 7 A.m. in the morning. I enjoyed my Muesli with milk very much as I watched the activity at the rest stop. One young fellow was seated on top of a picnic table playing a guitar, while his buddy lay stretched out on the grass in a sleeping bag. Elsewhere, there must have a half dozen camping rigs parked in the roadside stop, all enjoying the comfort of a safe night’s sleep in the back of their rigs.

The road into Rimouski left the side of the St. Lawrence and traversed several large hills and a river with a waterfalls and a fly fisherman. I stopped on the bridge and watched the fisherman for a while wondering if he was after the prized salmon, which can still be caught in some of the local waters.

Just as I pulled into Rimouski my front tire went flat. Seeing that I was only a few blocks from the center of town, I walked the bike into town and inquired at the Tourist Information Office as to the nearest bike shop and the location of the public library. This turned out to be a good move, for they referred me to a bike shop across town not too far from the library.

My attempt to patch the front tube failed, so I hoofed it over to the bike shop and bought a new tube. I put the new tube without any problem, but I had a very close call with the changeover. Just before installing the new tube, I decided to inspect the tire for foreign matter, for I had forgot to when I added the patch. It did not take long to find a long sharp piece of cinder still embedded in the tire. I took a big sigh of relief and removed the foreign object. The new tube worked fine.

Once my bike was fixed, I had a couple of hours to kill before the library opened at 1 P.M. During that time I decided to take a ride along the bike path/walkway that ran along the edge of the seaway. It was an impressive route that even included a couple of two story observation decks where people could sir and gaze out upon relatively quiet waters of the St. Lawrence. All in all, it was a very nice public space alongside a scenic stretch of the seaway.

The library was a splendid new two story building with lots of shelf space, but unfortunately for me the Wifi was down for the day. I used my computer time writing content off-line to submit whenever I could again find a Wifi connection. That moment came a few hours later, when I found (with the help of the tourist bureau) an internet café in downtown Rimouski, right near the waterfront. I spent two hours trying to submit a story online, but was not able to complete the task because the computer system at the café kept reverting back to the index page without letting me save my work. Finally I left around 7:30 in a very frustrated because I had not completed one assignment.

On my way out of town I stopped at a dollarama store and bought a new T-shirt for $2 and some snacks. The T I was wearing was starting to stink and I desperately needed a replacement. The lost of clothes on Tuesday was starting to have its effects.

Heading out of town I was fortunate to find a camping spot near town. A dirt road that lead deep into a secluded forest. The large woodlot had a For Sale sign, but nothing else was posted.


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