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Riobamba Vacations, Tourism and Travel

5.0 stars

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The Descent

We took a different route down that consisted of a 1000m descent of steep downhill skiing with crampons instead of skies, and then 300m of ice climbing and downhill skiing on loose rocks instead of snow. The climb up took 6 hours 20 minutes, the descent took over 4 hours. At one point, after abseiling down a cliff face, Raul picked up an ice axe and threw it down at me, getting himself stuck at the top in the process (OK, it fell, but it damn near decapitated me). I slept at the bottom of the cliff while he chipped out ice to make steps, showering me with razor sharp missiles that I was too tired to pay heed to. I had adopted the same pace going down as I had going up and once the refuge... [more ]

Sunshine and Doom Come Together

As the sun rose what had been black and grey suddenly shone bright blue and... [more ]

We Reached the Summit!

For someone who had been so concerned with my health Raul was suddenly taking... [more ]

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1. Whymper summit 5.0 stars
2. Mt Chimborazo 5.0 stars
3. Mt. Chimborazo 5.0 stars
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