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Riobamba Attractions

5.0 stars
Whymper summit 5.0 stars
Mountain - #1 of 3
I was a little delirious and at one point I thought we'd reached the summit and collapsed into the snow. As I lay there I stared at the sky, completely clear with not a cloud in sight and more stars than I had ever imagined possible. Raul told me ... [more ]
Mt Chimborazo 5.0 stars
Mountain - #2 of 3
I was told that the summit would take us 6 to 8 hours so needless to say I was full of confidence and so we pushed on along the ridge and began the long ascent up to the top of the world. The climb to the ridge had been pretty steep with a few ... [more ]
Mt. Chimborazo 5.0 stars
Mountain - #3 of 3
After a meal with my guide, a Swedish guy and his guide, I ran around outside taking photos of Mt Chimborazo while there was still light in the sky. It was still showing off; glowing a dusty red in dusk light as a full moon rose over its shoulder ... [more ]
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