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Rivière-du-Loup Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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On the Road Again

Along The Beautiful South Shore -

After spending most of the day in the library, I left Riviere du Loup on a day that was decidedly cooler than the one before. With a late afternoon departure, I did not expect to get to far, but the chilly temperatures kept me on the bike and moving down the road. I very much missed the clothes that I had lost (maybe they were stolen) as now I was down to long pants, a few T-shirts and a pair of shorts.

To make matters worst the partly cloudy sky began to thicken and a light rain began to fall. This caused me to bring out the bright yellow poncho, which I was happy to put on. Not only did it keep me dry and add some warmth, but... [more ]

Arrival In Riviere du Loup

Next morning after traversing fairly level roads I came rolling into Riviere... [more ]

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