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Bangalore Attractions

4.0 stars
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Sigma Mall 3.0 stars
Shopping - #1 of 33
So I went to watch the much raved about movie at Fun Cinemas – the movie zone in Sigma mall. I went alone, but I’ve been a Batman fan, so didn’t mind that. When I made my way to the 4th floor, they said I had to get my ticket at the Parking ... [more ]
Cubbon Park 4.0 stars
Park - #2 of 33
As the name suggests, Cubbon Park is a relic of the British Raj in India. Having found the plateau climate most favourable, they embraced the land and sowed the seeds of various non-native plants such as the shady Gulmohar trees which are now ... [more ]
Ulsoor Lake 2.0 stars
Natural Monument and Landmark - #3 of 33
A few years ago, Ulsoor Lake was a mess. Pictures of dead fish floating on the surface were printed in the papers. It never even felt like there was a considerable water body in the heart of the city. Fortunately, environmentalists and the ... [more ]
Gangarams Book Bureau 4.0 stars
Shopping - #4 of 33
If you think of bookstores in Bangalore, one of the first names that pops up is Gangarams. The store has been around for years and has expanded over 4 floors. It is a quintessential stop for anyone on a book buying spree and so very easy to lose ... [more ]
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore 5.0 stars
Government Building - #5 of 33
Alliance Francaise (Indo-French cultural centre) is one of the buzzing hubs of Bangalore. There is always something interesting going on with respect to live shows: music, theatre, dance or exhibitions of art and photography. Very often French ... [more ]
Ayush 5.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #6 of 33
A full body massage at Ayush would cost me around Rs 700. Did I really need it enough to splurge? It had been a tough month, so I decided to go anyway. They promise completely natural (Ayurvedic) remedies. A darkened room, customized wooden bed ... [more ]
Art of Living International Center 5.0 stars
Sculpture, Monument, Statue, Memorial Place - #7 of 33
Visalakshi Mantap, popularly known as VM, is a centre of attraction at the Art of Living International Center in Bangalore. Located on 21st KM Kanakapura Road, Udayapura, it is frequently visited by locals and internationals alike. The serenity ... [more ]
Goethe Institut 4.0 stars
Government Building - #8 of 33
I have a fetish for German bakeries and in Bangalore what better place could there be than the café at the Goethe-Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan). I went there to check out a film festival and lo and behold, ended up at the cozy café on the top ... [more ]
M. Chinnaswamy Stadium 4.0 stars
Stadium, Sports Arena - #9 of 33
Besides being a ground where budding local sportsmen and athletes train their skills, Chinnaswamy Stadium is one of the best cricket stadiums in India and a popular arena for international games. The stadium regaularly hosts the highest profile ... [more ]
Magazines 4.0 stars
Shopping - #10 of 33
There was a phase in life when I became an avid reader of magazines. I found them to be filled with useless information which was most amusing and alleviating. This is when I discovered the best magazine bargain store in the city. I had already ... [more ]
The Landmark 4.0 stars
Shopping - #11 of 33
The mall culture really hit India and Bangalore quite recently. It was good in a way because it took a lot of loitering people off the streets and into a big perfumed building. Moreover, they had airy, well-organized book stores. Like Landmark, ... [more ]
Lalbagh Botanical Gardens 4.0 stars
Botanical Garden - #12 of 33
Technically, the Lalbagh Gardens are full of imported trees from other parts of the world, so it can't be considered a unique Indian attraction. But it is incredibly beautiful and worth a visit. The garden is very old. The foundation was laid ... [more ]
Bangalore Habba 4.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #13 of 33
Around the end of every year, when a nip gets in the air, Bangalore bursts into a flame of cultural activity. Bangalore Habba – which is a relatively new concept – is a week-long arts and culture festival that touches all aspects of Bangalore ... [more ]
Vidhana Soudha 3.0 stars
Building - #14 of 33
The Vidhana Soudha is the seat of Karnataka's State Legislature. It is a huge building, quite attractive and imposing. The style of architecture is "Neo-Dravidian" - a pretty ambiguous term. I think it incorporates various styles of architecture. ... [more ]
Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum 3.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #15 of 33
For the technically minded only!!!! Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is situated on the Kasturba Road in Bangalore. Named after M. Visveswaraya, the Dewan of Mysore, it comprises five galleries, namely Popular Science Gallery, ... [more ]
Musical Fountain 3.0 stars
Fountain - #16 of 33
I must admit that I have seen a musical fountain only in Bangalore though I have been to many parts of the world. It's very exciting if you're seeing this sort of thing for the first time... The Indira Gandhi Musical fountain is situated right ... [more ]
Planet M 3.0 stars
Shopping - #17 of 33
It’s going to be difficult if you’re looking for a good underground or even a not-so-popular CD while in Bangalore. In fact it has been only a few years since India actually started receiving latest releases before it was months or even years too ... [more ]
Chocolate Junction 3.0 stars
Shopping - #18 of 33
There must be a Chocoholics Anonymous somewhere. There should be, for people like me who have chocolate on their mind all the time. One of the places that has been feeding my addiction is Chocolate Junction – a small shop where in glass cases ... [more ]
Bangalore race course 3.0 stars
Stadium, Sports Arena - #19 of 33
I would honestly never have thought of visiting the Bangalore race course, but the friend that I went with loves horses and insisted on taking me there. I was surprised to find how huge and gorgeous it is. It's not too old, either, considering ... [more ]
Safina Plaza 3.0 stars
Shopping - #20 of 33
If you’re looking for quick, cheap shopping, bargain goods, and particularly are looking for indigenous stuff, Safina Plaza might be worth a stop. It was especially during the time that I wanted household goods like curtains and lamps and ... [more ]
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