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Bangkok Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Bangkok vacation

Tuk Tuks 3 stars
By far the best and most definitely the most hair-raising way to get around Bangkok. A Tuk Tuk is a motorised rickshaw which is popular with both locals and tourists. They’re open- ended and you’re exposed to the elements, so you do need to hang on for dear life as your death-wish driver speeds around Bangkok’s pot-holed streets contesting road space with lorries and buses. I’m sure there are road rules in Bangkok but everyone seems to ignore them. Always negotiate the price with the driver before starting your journey but they are considerably cheaper than taxis. Certainly not the safest of vehicles but considerably more fun.


Night Life in Bangkok 4 stars
In a place like Bangkok where so much life is filled and flowing, the night life cannot be far behind at any cost. Bangkok provides a variety of night life to satisfy every soul who wants to have a good time. This city is known for some notorious concentrations of massage parlors, go-go bars and karaoke places as well. Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza are places where the men flock to. Places are open till the wee hours of the morning and no one tires. The place is bustling with people partying, dancing and seem to be enjoying life to the fullest. And since the cost of things are so cheap, people splurge all the more.

The other such places are Phra Nakhon district which is probably the most profound example of the backpackers’ ghetto, the Khaosan Road and the Sukhumit road. These places are filled in the night time with all the crazy things in the world and was warned by many that there is a high risk of complete theft. So, obviously I decided to completely avoid this place and to focus on the pubs. Me and my pals decided to go to pub hopping. One after the other, I think there were way too many for us to fit in one night, and we pretty much had enough of the smoky atmosphere and were longing for some of the satays off the street. Delicious and scrumptious are the words to describe the satay. Its simply mind blowing, I have no qualms of trying out food be it on the street or any restaurant. Some steamed rice and Thai curry was just the thing we needed to fill our hungry stomachs.

Be it night or day, Bangkok is the place to be, I love it.


Bangkok 3 stars
Bangkok is a bustling, vivid, chaotic, large city full of extremes. I remember the city as being exceptionally dusty and smoggy, but I also remember the excellent food that is extraordinary cheap – especially fruit is awesome, many many tourists and the interesting mix of old cultures and modernity. Bangkok it starting point for many trips to the north, to the beautiful islands in the south, for trips to Cambodia, Vietnam and also Laos. With about 8 Million people living there, it is one of South East Asia’s largest cities and full of live. I recommend a stroll through the malls, food from one of the many food stalls (pad thai!), the backpackers quarter around kao san road with faked goods everywhere, and of course a visit to the King’s palace and the tall buddha!


Shopping in Bangkok 5 stars
Shopping in Bangkok is absolutely brilliant as you can have anything you want and its all at very reasonable prices, plus the items on offer are totally different and colourful, almost no two items are the same so there is such a vast choice! The only downside with shoes and clothing is that most things are for very small people, so even if you are small for European standards, you will still be an extra large in size! I'm average in European standards and was an xxx large! So be prepared to try on a lot of things but for them to be too small, saying this though, there is still a lot out there that will fit!

Khao San Road has a great market that is open most days and nights too till about 11pm (its also great for bars, eating and just people watching, not to mention the massages!) It offers clothes for tourists, retro clothes, bags, electronics, books, CD's and souvenirs.

MBK is a huge shopping centre with everything that you could possibly want, and Thailand handbags are to die for! There is about 6 floors of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, plus the usual type of shopping centre stores. Other shopping centres include Platinum Shopping Centre where bigger sizes are often available. This shopping centre is for wholesale but you can buy one item as well but get a discount if you buy 3 or more items. Across the road there is another shopping arcade and a market so do have a good look around the area as there are quite a few places to buy things


Out with a Tuk-tuk driver! 3 stars
So we're back in Bangkok once again and randomly met up with a tuk-tuk driver we went for a drink with a few months ago so we out with him and someone else he had met. Last time we were with him he took us to a really good place so we didn't even ask where we were going - not a good move! He decided that this time that we wanted to go to a strip bar, one that also has a ping-pong show! Whoa. Girls pulled out all sorts of things from razor blades (they did a cutting paper trick too), flowers on a string, bells, scarfs etc and also burst balloon's with darts that they spat out from their orifice's and blew out birthday cake candles! They didn't pull out a string of sausages like the one my mum saw in Benidom (now that sounds funny!) That's not where the show ended, it got much worse, people started having sex on stage! I couldn't even look so stared at the wall for ages then we left, it was bad and I could never of thought I would see that so if you are going to go to one o theses shows just be prepared for it!!

Then he took us to an Elvis bar where they didn't play one Elvis song but did have a stash of maracas, tambourines and one of my favorites - a Xylophone fish!! I had my eye on them for sometime trying to work out how I could discreetly start playing them but there was no chance as the band were performing in front of them. I was quite vocal about them not playing Elvis or my request for 'Hound Dog' (love that song!) so the singer asked if I would like to sing instead! Although I would put money on the fact that I am the worst singer that you have ever heard I rarely decline a singing invitation! They must have known about my dolphin voice as they turned the microphone right down but I still tried to sing as loudly as possible. Then I realised that now I was on stage I can play instruments! So worked my way through all of them and invited Mum, the tuk-tuk driver and his mate up to play too! The tuk-tuk drivers friend was shaking his maraca so hard all the pieces started to come out it so he tried to put his thumb in the hole but the bits kept coming out and he was scared that it might have the same effect as the marbles in the film 'Home Alone'

Definitely a random night!


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