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Bangkok Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Bangkok

Limoncello 4.0 stars
Italian - #101 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
I thought it was a good find, and to be honest I nearly did miss it!. Limoncello is an Italian Pizzera that although is signposted quite well in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 11, is actually situated in a small side street with the entrance tucked ... [more ]
Silom Serene Boutique Hotel Restaurant 4.0 stars
Local - #102 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
It was a surprise find, a small hotel just opposite to the main Post office in Bangkok’s Silom Area. I didn’t plan to stay there, but instead was interested to try out their ground floor restaurant which was open to all. The hotel was called the ... [more ]
Water Lilies 4.0 stars
Thai - #103 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Water Lilies was a lovely Thai restaurant which oozed class and which appears to have been very carefully designed with quality of surroundings in mind. The array of Thai food on offer was also well chosen and the presentation of the menu just as ... [more ]
Sorrento 4.0 stars
Italian - #104 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Sorrento is the name of an Italian restaurant which is located in its own grounds along the busy Sathorn Road in downtown Bangkok. I found Sorrento to be quite sizeable but yet it was still quite full indicating this establishment’s popularity. ... [more ]
Xuan Mai 4.0 stars
Vietnamese - #105 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Wether people come to Xuan Mai for the quality of the food, which is very good, or to possibly meet the owner, who is an ex FBI agent, is open to question. I went for the food, but once I had read her story and listened to an interview, I was ... [more ]
Spring and Summer 4.0 stars
Local - #106 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Spring and Summer is actually the name of a café and restaurant complex which is popular with expats and also with the hi-society regulars who frequent Bangkok’s Thong Lo area. Situated in Soi Promsri 2, Sukhumvit 39, the complex comprises 2 ... [more ]
Chesa Swiss Restaurant 4.0 stars
European - #107 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Chesa Swiss Restaurant is a located in Bangkok’s popular Sukhumvit Soi 20 area, just opposite the fairly well known Windsor Hotel. There aren’t many Swiss restaurants in Bangkok and so I was quite looking forward to trying it out. I was not ... [more ]
Henry J Beans 4.0 stars
North American - #108 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Henry J Beans was great. I arrived at 7am and the place was very quiet, but there was live music in the form of a very talented singer/guitarist who sounded great. I was able to choose a comfortable booth table and was pleasantly surprised by the ... [more ]
Cosmo Thai 4.0 stars
Seafood - #109 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Cosmo Thai Seafood restaurant was my place of choice for some Thai Style seafood cuisine. It was set into a large two story building complete with parking, and was quite a large place located at the very far end of Bangkok’s busy Sukhumvit Soi ... [more ]
Sizzlers 4.0 stars
Thai - #110 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
It could still be the best *steal* in town. Sizzlers in Thailand offers a salad bar and all you can eat buffet for little over 100 baht. That’s barely 3$. Not only that but the salad bar is a bit more extensive than your ordinary salad bar! It ... [more ]
Le Dalat 4.0 stars
Vietnamese - #111 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
What made Le Dalat a memorable place for me was it’s wonderful landscaped garden setting. This classy Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Bangkok’s Sukuhmvit Soi 23 area is one of very few garden restaurants in town and since it was a nice day ... [more ]
M.K. Thailand 4.0 stars
Thai - #112 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
M.K. is the name of a chain of eateries in Bangkok that is very popular. Indeed, it is prominently advertised on TV with catchy jingles that makes the chain have a friendly appeal especially to families. The style of cuisine is suki and this ... [more ]
Scoozi 4.0 stars
Italian - #113 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Scoozi Opened its new branch in Ladprao’s Crystal Mall and I was able to enjoy lunch there recently. The thin crust pizzas are, I think, what makes this place one of the best Italian restaurants in Bangkok. But it has much more to offer including ... [more ]
Carlton Restaurant 4.0 stars
Chinese - #114 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
The Carlton restaurant in Silom is almost an institution as it is a very well established Chinese restaurant which has certainly been very successful. The secret of its success appears to be that it provides authentic Chinese food at good prices ... [more ]
K-Ca Ramen 4.0 stars
Japanese - #115 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
K-Ca Ramen is a Japanese restaurant which specializes in Ramen dishes and which had a good menu selection. On offer were such delights as seafood ramen, a number of soups and a range of set meals too. As is often the case with ramen outlets, this ... [more ]
Gialong 4.0 stars
Vietnamese - #116 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Set into Bangkok’s very large Central World Plaza on Rajdamri Road, Gialong is an up market restaurant serving very authentic Thai and Vietnamese food. In fact the Vietnamese specialties are wide ranging and I was able to try out their authentic ... [more ]
Duke's Express 4.0 stars
#117 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
It is quite hard to find a place serving REAL american food in Bangkok, with a real beef steack which is not over cooked, real man portions and fresh potatoe fries. You can imagine how surprised I was to find a new american restaurant in Emporium ... [more ]
Ka Nom 4.0 stars
Fast Food - #118 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Ka Nom is a Hong Kong deli-bakery establishment set in Bangkok's Sukhumvit Soi 49 area. It is one of the few places that I have come across that specializes in authentic Hong Kong egg tarts, but it also had on offer a range of sweet and savory ... [more ]
Mrs Balbirs 4.0 stars
Indian - #119 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Located in Bangkok’s busy Sukhumvit Soi 1 area, and just a stones throw from the Swiss Park Hotel, Mrs Balbirs Indian Restaurant was a real treat. The restaurant is not a large place but the food was certainly excellent and it was also quite busy ... [more ]
Let's eat 4.0 stars
Thai - #120 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Eat Me is a small restaurant located in Bangkok’s Silom area, 20 metres off Convent Rd, in Soi Pipat 2. This restaurant was very comfortable indeed. The restaurant offers Thai and western dishes and was very nicely laid out. When I arrived I ... [more ]
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