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Bangkok Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Bangkok

Waraporn Salapao 4.0 stars
Thai - #241 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
At first glance, Waraporn Salapao looked like a Chinese restaurant and the aromas also seemed to back that up, however upon entering I found that this nicely presented yet still budget restaurant provided a mix of dim sum and Thai cuisine. It was ... [more ]
The Riverside Terrace 4.0 stars
Thai - #242 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
The Riverside Terrace in Bangkok’s Marriot Resort and Spa provided me with a very nice combination of western food and Thai traditional dance. It is quite rare actually to find these two rather unconnected themes together, however it was quite ... [more ]
Zen 4.0 stars
Japanese - #243 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
As a lover of Japanese food, I was definitely looking forward to the Zen experience that I had arranged earlier in the day. You see, the Zen restaurant in Bangkok’s popular Soi Convent is quite a large place but gets so busy that an advanced ... [more ]
Liu's 4.0 stars
Thai - #244 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Liu’s Absolutely didn’t disappoint. This is the Conrad Hotels’ flagship Chinese restaurant, set in their hotel in downtown Bangkok and in true Conrad style it certainly made a statement. The restaurant did not appear in the way that a traditional ... [more ]
Spice Market Restaurant 4.0 stars
Thai - #245 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
My recent visit to the Spice Market Restaurant in Bangkok’s Rathcadamri road is a visit I will remember. That’s because the food was simply superb, and was presented with a certain panache that most other restaurants just have not managed to ... [more ]
New Zealand Natural 4.0 stars
Australian - #246 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
New Zealand Natural premium ice cream parlour is located just near to the entrance of Tops at the large Ladprao Crystal Mall and is fast becoming one of the best ice cream and frozen yoghurt names in Bangkok. The selection makes a nice difference ... [more ]
Bush Garden 4.0 stars
Thai - #247 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
The Bush Garden Coffee Shop is located in Bangkok’s busy Sukhumvit Road, on the ground floor of the same building that houses the Themae coffee shop, and it is a very popular place with expats and locals alike. There was a good selection of Thai ... [more ]
You Rea Guan 4.0 stars
Asian - #248 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
You Rea Guan’s logo is “The Emperor of Korean Restaurants on Earth”, and it certainly did have a feel of quality about it. This was not a standard Korean BBQ restaurant and so I was able to enjoy some fine Korean food without the prospect of my ... [more ]
Planet Bollywood 4.0 stars
Indian - #249 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
Planet Bollywood is a classy Indian restaurant located in Bangkok’s Sathorn Road area. The restaurant is themed, but it is very tastefully designed, with posters of Bollywood stars thoughtfully positioned to fit in with the restaurants modern ... [more ]
La Buca 4.0 stars
Italian - #250 of 250 Restaurants in Bangkok
La Buca is a fine Italian restaurant set into Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 1 and boasts imported Italian ingredients for that truly fresh and authentic taste. It can be reached quite easily from the Ploen Chit BTS station. I was able to enjoy some ... [more ]
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