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Bangkok Bars

4.0 stars

Bangkok bar reviews from insiders

Samosa Guy 4.0 stars
Indian - #1 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Amazing food and especially the Samosa was just to die for!! You guys must try this place. The best part is the price, nothing is over 50 - 70 baht in their whole menu! [more ]
Coffee Alley 4.0 stars
#2 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Coffee Alley is a coffee shop situated in Bangkok’s busy Sukhumvit Soi 16 about half way down between the Asoke junction and the Foodland supermarket. It can be reached in about 5 minutes by walking from the end which joins Asoke Road. This ... [more ]
Puff and pie 4.0 stars
Fast Food - #3 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Puff and Pie, had as part of its logo, the proud words of “supreme bakery delights”, and so after a very busy afternoon in Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall I found myself very much in the market for their delicious fare. The range of pastries was ... [more ]
Mad About Juice 4.0 stars
#4 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Mad About Juice, as its name suggests, is a juice bar which is located on the second floor of Bangkok’s Central World Plaza. The main menu sports a large range of fresh, made to order juices, all of which are very healthy and all of which look ... [more ]
Gulliver’s Tavern 5.0 stars
#5 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
If there is one fun place in Bangkok that measures up to all expectations I think it would have be Gulliver’s Tavern in the Soi 5 area of Sukhumvit Road. I have been there many times and on each occasion I have enjoyed it a great deal. Gulliver’s ... [more ]
Bei Otto 3.0 stars
#6 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
I stumbled across Bei Otto by chance. It was raining, I was stuck in traffic in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road and I was hungry. I was determined to take the first turn off I could to escape the traffic and so finally managed to escape into a small ... [more ]
The Sheraton Coffee Shop 5.0 stars
#7 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
After some time chatting to the manageress, I told her that we would go to the coffee and order a beer, and return in 20 or 30 minutes. It was 9:30pm by this time, And our jaunt to river city looked to have been a very shrewd idea. The coffee ... [more ]
True Urban Park 5.0 stars
#8 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
It was quite a sight, a 40 foot long or so digital dot-matrix display using red and black dots to create a huge mosaic. Yet was this really in a park… ? Well actually, no. True Urban Park is True corporations flagship internet café, coffee shop ... [more ]
Cafe Kaldi 5.0 stars
Fast Food - #9 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Café Kaldi was definitely a very good find indeed. This modern stylish coffee shop is located in a great area right in the heart of Bangkok’s busy Surawongse Road just close to the junction of the busy Pat Pong Sois, and yet it was a surprisingly ... [more ]
Bug and Bee 5.0 stars
#10 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Its difficult to know exactly what the Bug and Bee is. Is it an internet café serving good food, or a restaurant that is computer friendly? Actually it is both!. If you really want to have a good meal with in an internet friendly place then the ... [more ]
Café Inn 5.0 stars
#11 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Café Inn was my place of choice to stop for a bite and a fresh coffee whilst shopping in Bangkok’s huge Siam Paragon shopping mall. This establishment was quite a welcome sight as the 3rd floor had precious little in the way of eateries and ... [more ]
bamboo bar 5.0 stars
#12 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
The Bamboo bar was a place I enjoyed an evening at recently, and it was quite a nice place to wind down for a drink in the big city of Bangkok. Set in the Oriental Hotel, the bar has a wide range of local and imported beers, and also a good wine ... [more ]
Londoner Brew Pub 5.0 stars
#13 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
I had lunch last week at the Londoner Brew Pub in Bangkok. This well known free house is situated near to Soi 31 in Sukhumvit Road and is set into the basement of a huge Building. It is a sizeable pub with a very big square bar that welcomes you ... [more ]
Irish X-Change 5.0 stars
#14 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
The Irish X-Change is located in Patpong and its great little bar to go to. There are often live bands on and also a big screen for sporting events. The staff are brilliant and so friendly and there are a lot of ex-pats in there too so you ... [more ]
Sixty Degrees Latte 5.0 stars
#15 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Sixty Degrees Latte was a nice find for me near to Bangkok’s Town in Town area. This large coffee shop occupies a large property on the corner of the cross roads that is situated just to the side of the Town in Town hotel and as such is well ... [more ]
Molly Malones 5.0 stars
Irish - #16 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Molly Malone’s is a very traditional pub in the heart of Bangkok’s busy Silom Road area. It is actually set a few doors along Soi Convent which is a popular Soi for dining out. As an authentic Irish Pub it certainly excelled featuring dark wood ... [more ]
The Black Swan 5.0 stars
English - #17 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Long term travelers who have been in Asia for a while might sometimes get a hankering for some old fashioned Western food. For the Brits it may be bangers and mash, for our American friends a good burger. If the noodles, rice and steamed fish ... [more ]
Champagnes 5.0 stars
#18 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Champagnes is an up-market bar featuring very classy décor and a drinks menu which of course includes, in keeping with its namesake, the fabled bubbly. Yet this stylish retreat also had on offer a great range of cocktails and other beverages. The ... [more ]
Flourworx 5.0 stars
#19 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
Flourworx, a classy coffee shop in Bangkok’s Asok Road, had on offer a coffee and cake special at a price of just under 4 Euros. I found myself taking them up on the offer as the décor and seating area was very enticing. Upon entering there was ... [more ]
Jeanjanbakery 5.0 stars
#20 of 111 Bars & Cafés in Bangkok
It's the best orange cake i ever have. The price is not too high but the quality of the cake is fantastic. [more ]
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